Monday, June 17, 2013

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!

I haven't felt good all week. I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm so ready to get over it already!! I don't have a lot to share this week, picture wise, but as always, God has blessed me and I want to share those blessings with you!

101. I'm thankful for my son who helped me when I found a disgusting mouse nest in my sewing cabinet drawer! Is there anything worse than opening up a drawer and finding that a rodent has been in there messing stuff up? Yes, it can get worse, if you find the dead body of said mouse in the drawer! Yuck! I'm blessed that my son does not get grossed out by these things, has gloves and masks and takes care of these things for me. 

102. I am blessed that I can rest and sleep when I'm sick. I am so thankful that I have the ability to not have to be somewhere or do something but can actually rest and get well again. I never take this blessing for granted because I have gone to work many a time sicker than a dog and wishing I could stay in bed and get well!

103. I finished my friends prayer shawl and even got the label sewed on it. I'll post a picture when I'm feeling better. I'm praying that she likes it. It was a blessing to me to be able to do this for her and I pray that she will feel the Lord's strength and comfort every time she wears it!

My blessings will number three this week rather than my usual five. I'm really wanting to get this posted and lie down again. I'm so thankful for all the Lord does for me! Even when I'm sick, I know he's a very close and caring and that comforts me and blesses me so!

Now it's your turn! Share your own blessings!



  1. Hi Julie. Sharing my blessings...I have flu so I had to rest from work. I was able to give tokens to some fathers in our church last Sunday. Have a blessed week ahead.

  2. Hi I just stumbled across your blog today, and I saw you write reviews, I host a weekly link up to share all things reading and writing and would love for you to join us! It opens everything Thursday and you are free to link up older links, or links that you want to draw some attention to. I hope to "see" you then!

  3. I am so sorry for your poor health this week Julie. You are in my prayers.♥
    I am grateful for no picture of said dead mouse. ;)


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