Monday, June 10, 2013


When I was first on the internet, I used to go to Aleene's website (remember her - the glue lady?) and chat with other crafters. I really enjoyed this and got to know several people, but one person in particular. Her chat name was "Susie" but I found out later her real name was "Diane". We kept in touch for years and we had a lot in common. She crocheted and so did I. We enjoyed so many of the same things. We even sent gifts to one another and I still have the crocheted coasters she made me. Then, we lost touch. I got really busy with my boys and our homeschooling, I had a battle with cancer, my hubby had several health issues and I found myself not keeping in touch with her like I should or how I wanted. I still miss her and wish I knew how to get in touch with her.

It's horrible when we lose touch with our friends. This has happened several times in my lifetime and I'm sure it's happened to you, too. As I've gotten older and have less responsibilities within my family, it's been easier to keep in touch with my friends. It's easier to have the time for them and I'm also conscientious about making sure I don't lose touch with them. Somehow when we're so busy raising our children it's a lot harder than it is for me now, at this time of my life. 

I've made several friends through the internet. Women I would have probably never met in real life have become confidants and sweet friends. It's easier to find friends that enjoy the same things you do and I've met some great prayer partners through my blog. I'm able to spend the time getting to know them and it's been a huge blessing to me to know these women. Yes, we have to be prudent and careful on the internet, but I feel that we have to be this same way in real life, too. 

I just wanted to thank those of you who have gotten to know me through my blog, pray for me. Your friendship is very precious! 

Blessings - Julie

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  1. Well thank you Julie. I am so glad that I met you. Tomorrow's the big day. Thank you for your prayers.


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