Monday, December 30, 2013

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up

Can you believe the end of 2013 is here? This year has just sped by and it's been full of blessings! Yes, there have been some difficult times, but there have also been a great man blessings for me and my family.

For this special end of year, I would like to pick out my most favorite blessings this year and highlight them. It will be hard to just pick a few, but I'm going to try.

1.  Being able to go to my church's Women's Conference was so much wonderful. I was so blessed by the teaching and getting to hang out with my dear Sisters in Christ for some fun and fellowship. I hadn't been able to go for a few years before because of my pain and it was such a total blessing to be able to go!

2.  Going to my cousin's church's Women's Retreat was such a huge blessing! I got to spend some wonderful time with her and worship the Lord with her. This is a very special blessing that will mean so much to me for the rest of my life. My cousin blessed me so much by inviting me and helping me financially to be able to attend. This is a beautiful memory and blessing!

3.  Seeing my son graduate from his Fire Academy was such a huge blessing! He has worked for so long to meet this goal and it was so huge seeing him graduate! Pinning his badge on is an honor I will cherish forever.

4.  Having my exhaustion finally addressed and finally being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea may  not seem like a blessing but it was! I was so tired all the time and not able to do anything. Getting my machine and feeling better is such a big blessing! I'm very thankful that I finally know what's going on and that I feel better!

5.  Getting back into my craft designing has been a wonderful blessing. I missed it so much and it's been exactly what I needed to do again. I love painting and getting back into creating my own designs has been so great.

There are many, many more but those are the huge highlights for me this year. I hope and pray that your new year is full of blessings and love!

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Blessings - Julie


  1. It is such a wonderful thing to sit & think about the past year & all that we have experienced. May you & yours have a happy & blessed New Year!

  2. Thank you Julie. Your post has encouraged me to ponder this year's highlights today. I need it right now.

  3. I am visiting from Titus2sday. Thanks for sharing your link-up. I enjoyed this post. God Bless & Happy New Year!!!


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