Monday, January 20, 2014

Need Prayer

Dear Friends:

I am asking for prayer. I have diverticulitis! It came on me last night and I was able to get into my doctor this morning. She has put me on antibiotics and she's very hopeful that I will be fine by my surgery, however, if I'm not, we can't go forward with the surgery.

So, my prayer is this: That this diverticulitis would heal completely and quickly, that there would be no other issues (such as a perforation or more pain which would require a CT Scan), that the pain would go away, and that I would be healthy and ready for my surgery on the 26th. 

I am so grateful for your prayers! This couldn't have happened at a worse time and it has me very stressed. I just have to rest in the Lord and believe Him for healing.

Thank you!

Blessings - Julie


  1. Try not to stress out Julie. I am praying for you!!

  2. May the Lord heal you speedily and wholly, my dear sister! xx


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