Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Thoughts

As I was walking through the hospital on Friday with my son, I said to him, "If I could go back in time..." He knew what I was going to say (probably because I've said it before) and said, "I know, Mom, but things are getting better and you'll be healed soon."

I do sometimes look back at the decision to have my knee replacement surgery and wish I could just go back and not do it at all. However, things don't work like that and I know that the Lord is refining me just as He tells us in my life Scripture:

I really had to cling tight to God as I was waiting to hear if my knee replacement was infected. I was an absolute mess the first 3-4 days and then, as I prayed, I finally came to that peaceful hope that God promises us in this Scripture. I can only give God the credit for this because this was a peace that surpasses all understanding and wasn't of me at all! I am living what I've talked about: I'm suffering, but I'm having perseverance which is refining my character and finally helps me to live in a peaceful hope that isn't possible without Jesus.

Yes, I have moments where I wish I had that time machine, but for the most part, I trust God. I keep my hope in Him and trust that He will bring me through this - glorifying Him in ways that I never could have before.

He IS my rock and I'm so thankful I can cling tight to Him in these huge waves of the unknown I find myself in right now.

Blessings - Julie

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  1. I guess you could say I am in huge waves of unknown right now too. I have to say, I totally trust God in this. So glad you do too.


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