Saturday, August 2, 2014

Praise Report and Other Things!

I got the news that I do not have an infection in my knee replacement! Thank you, Jesus!! I am so grateful to God for hearing my prayers - and the prayers of others - and protecting me from yet another set back. I am so, so thankful!

There's so much involved with this wound care. If I don't have someone take care of it that knows what they are doing, it can set me back weeks in my healing. Little things make such a difference in whether I heal properly or not. My in home care nurse is so good. She has definitely helped me to heal and, not only that, she has been my advocate when I have needed one. It was because of her dedication that I found I had another infection. She did a culture and sent it to my infectious disease doctor and I am now on the IV meds again. My doctor put me on them for three weeks and I have two weeks done so I'm on the downhill stretch! Yay! It is because of these situations that I am now going to my surgeon who did my by-pass to have my wound care. I saw my infectious disease doctor on Tuesday and he thought it would be beneficial for me to go there and have it done as both of my doctors are there. I had to think about it because I wanted to make sure my in-home nurse would be able to change days and I also had to consider my family because this would require us going out of town - a 2 hour trip - once a week, every week, until I'm healed. Thankfully, both of these situations worked out and I had my first wound care yesterday.

It was such a God thing yesterday morning as I was sitting doing my IV's. I have to get up at 6:00 am to get them all done throughout the day for a total of 5 IV sessions. I usually like to turn on one of my Christian shows and listen to the Word of God as I'm waking up. For some reason, I couldn't get anything to pick up so I turned on the radio to listen to music. There was a special news bulletin that there had been an accident on the Interstate we take to go to the doctor and that it was closed in both directions for an unspecified time. The trucker was carrying hazardous materials so they had to do clean up. I was so thankful that I turned on the radio because otherwise, we would have tried to go that way. We had to go the back way which required us to leave an extra hour early and drive on a 2 lane highway for most of the way. It was a beautiful drive, though, and a nice change from the regular scenery.

I got this wonderful device

as a gift from a friend. I had really been debating about this after my sister told me about it. It sounded like such a great thing, but I was concerned our internet wouldn't allow it to run, but so far, it's doing pretty good. I love all the Christian programming with great Biblical teaching and all the old shows and movies. There is also a channel of British TV that just sets my heart aflutter! lol It's so great that it's so small and easy to move from room to room. My Roku has allowed me to tune in to TV when I feel like it and also pick the sort of shows I want to watch. So far, I'm really enjoying it!

Blessings - Julie

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  1. I am glad thins are finally, truly progressing well Julie.
    We also have Roku. I do not watch TV, but everyone else here enjoys it.


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