Thursday, January 29, 2015

Update and My Prayer Box

It's been a while since I've posted an update! Time certainly does go by fast. It amazes me that it's almost the end of January in a new year.

I went to the doctor two weeks ago today and had my incisions checked and my leg. It was looking so good that he removed the stitches and released me from home care! I was so shocked that it still hasn't really sunk in. I have been on home care since June which  meant I couldn't go anywhere but the doctor's office and out to eat after the doctor appointments, but that was it. That's seven long months of being restricted! I'm a home-body, but it takes on a different connotation when you are forced to stay at home. I had to have my family shop for shampoo, make-up, and other such things. They did amazingly well, but it's not the same as choosing your own things. I'm also allowed to drive again which is so wonderful as I love to drive and have missed it horribly! Like I said, I'm still trying to process that I'm able to do all these things! :)

I have been going a bit overboard on getting out, I'm afraid, and I've worn myself out! Even though I have to be pushed in a wheel chair or ride the scooter at the store, I'm so weak that I find I get tired really quickly. My leg doesn't support me for very long and I get in pain almost immediately but I'm so glad to have the freedom to go out if I want! My husband and sons have been very sweet about pushing me in my wheelchair, for which I'm thankful. I can't push it myself because of my back problems and my weakness so how wonderful to have such a sweet, understanding family!

One thing I've done for the new year is to set up a new prayer box. I did have a composition notebook I had been keeping my prayer requests in, but that just never worked really well for me. I saw this system online over at Life Verse Books and really liked it! I got a really pretty index card box that locks (I don't think I'll probably use the lock, but if I had small children I might, especially if there were sensitive requests in my box I didn't want them to see). Here's my box

I used my label maker to make the labels on my index tabs. I also have white index cards and colored index cards. I'm just using the white ones now, but I'm sure I'll use the colored ones for special prayer requests or urgent requests.

Here's the different index cards

I'm really liking this way of keeping track of my prayer requests. It's so easy to pull out the cards during my prayer time and pray over the requests. I think this is going to work really well for me. 

Here's the box I bought off of Amazon, in case you're interested.

I hope you're all doing good. I'm so thankful for your prayers, your comments and your emails! They mean so much to me!

Blessings - Julie


  1. Fabulous! Just absolutely wonderful news Julie. I am so glad. God is so good.

  2. This is fantastic news! Our prayers have been answered. I'm so happy for you. I'm a homebody too, but I do like to get out occasionally. I like your prayer box. I use a notebook myself and it does get to be a lot of notebooks to have to store somewhere. I may consider getting a box instead. Thanks for that idea. :)


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