Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!

I know I've been rather quiet lately. I've been really tired and not really feeling too great. Lots of pain, swelling and just over all exhaustion. It is what it is and I'm trying to be gentle with myself and rest as much as I need to. In all of this, there are still blessings to be found!

43.  I had to go to the big city, 2 hours away, and see my surgeon who did the bypass in my leg. I had to have an ultra-sound to make sure everything is still working properly. Thankfully, all looks good! I'm very thankful and it's a relief for another six months until we do another ultra-sound. My surgeon is in a new practice, in a new building so while I was there, I took some pictures. I love the downtown area and got some really pretty photos.

I also took some pictures of the gorgeous flowers they have in the city and made a collage of the scenery and flowers.

I love visiting the city - especially the downtown area. I wouldn't want to live there, but I love being able to visit for a day. Very thankful and blessed for my wonderful doctor, my good report on my leg, and for a lovely day in the city.

44. My hubby and I made a little trek into the Goodwill one day and I found this cutie pie in a bag with other toys for $2.99! She's in wonderful shape and still has her TY tag.

As you all know, I just love Pinky Pie from My Little Pony and was thrilled to find this little treasure. Amazing enough, everything in the bag with her was something I could use! So for that little amount of money, I got a bag of cute stuff. What a blessing!

45.  I had the opportunity to trade postcards with a girl that lives in Boston. I had never heard of doing this before and thought it sounded like a fun idea! She sent me this cute card.

I sent her a card from my area and it was so much fun doing this! I'm thinking this will be something I want to do again. I would love to do it with ladies who live overseas. How fun would that be? This was so fun getting this in the mail!!

46.  On days I feel pretty good, I love working in my planner. My hubby got me some adorable cards at Hobby Lobby when we were in the big city and they are so inspirational and fun. I put this card in the front of my planner...

It reminds me to shine for Jesus in everything I do! Don't you just love this? I also love the washi tape I used to put it in the planner. It's so much fun to change these cards out and remind myself of good, positive things!

Now it's your turn to share your blessings! You can share anything that will bless others - something you've written, made, or a list of your blessings. I just want you to feel that you can share on this link-up whatever blesses you! Please share my button on your blog. I really appreciate that as it directs others to this link-up.

Blessings - Julie


  1. I am so glad to hear from you Julie! I emailed you days ago. I fear I used the wrong email again. I deleted the others I thought, but they all pop up as options in my yahoo mail and I just had to chose one!

    I am glad your leg health is good. I am sorry you are suffering.I am praying for you!

  2. Great to find you are still around, Julie!! I am so sorry that you still struggle with physical discomfort.


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