Wednesday, October 21, 2015

31 Days of Hope - October 21

I wait for the Lord; I wait, and put my hope in His word.
Psalm 130:5
Do you ever feel like you're waiting forever for something to change? Do you feel like you're going to be stuck in the same situation forever? I know exactly how you feel. When I had my open wounds, I would wait each nurse visit for those bandages to come off and then I would HOPE and pray that I was going to see healing. Unfortunately, most of the time there was no healing or the healing would be the wrong type of healing and I would be devastated again. My HOPE would be dashed and the tears would flow. I had to wait...I had to wait for the Lord and HOPE in Him!

Now the wounds are healed but there is still the healing of my body and emotions to be done and I'm waiting again. Waiting with fervent HOPE and faith in the Lord who has shown me so many times how amazing and faithful He is! I want to rush the healing - I want to get on with my life, but I know that God has my healing under His perfect timing. I have to have the trust and HOPE in Him and know that He has this under control! 

On those days I need to stay in my jammies with a good book and read, I do! I have learned to be gentle with myself. There is nothing so urgent to do that I need to delay my healing. The dust bunnies will stay where they are (even if they do grow a few more, who cares?), the elaborate meals won't be made, and the laundry pile may get a little higher, but I won't be able to do anything if I don't get better. I do what I can do when I can do it...and it's okay! The world hasn't stopped, my family is okay and, little by little, I'm getting better.

If you're healing right now, be patient with God and keep your HOPE. Be gentle with yourself and remember that you can let things go until you're feeling better. Do what you can, but don't make yourself worse. It is all in His hands and that can give us the greatest HOPE!

Blessings - Julie


  1. Thank you Julie. I needed this. Such perfect timing.

  2. you are such an encourager, bless you. I love you.


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