Thursday, August 18, 2016

Book Review - The Bard and the Bible


What if you combined the words of the greatest Book ever written and the words of the most gifted poet and playwright in history? The result is a clever, entertaining and fresh way to spend time in God?s Word each day. This 365-day devotional pairs short passages from the King James Bible with lines from Shakespeare?s plays and sonnets to give you a new way to interact with Scripture and a new way to encounter God throughout the year.


Bob Hostetler is a writer, editor, and speaker from southeastern Ohio. His 30 books, which include "Quit Going to Church" and the novel, "The Bone Box," have sold over 3 million copies. He has coauthored a dozen books with Josh McDowell, including the best-selling "Right from Wrong: What You Need to Know to Help Youth Make Right Choices" and the award-winning "Don't Check Your Brains at the Door." He has won two Gold Medallion awards, four Ohio Associated Press awards, and an Amy Foundation award.

Bob is a frequent speaker at churches, conferences, and retreats. He has been a disk jockey, pastor, magazine editor, freelance book editor, and, with his wife, Robin, a foster parent to 10 boys (though not all at once).

Bob and Robin have two adult children, Aubrey and Aaron.


This is a lovely devotional so different from any other devotional I've ever read.

Using the writings of Shakespeare and the King James Version of the Bible, Mr. Hostetler gives us a greater insight to the Word of God and the Shakespeare writings. There is a devotion for each day and the writings of Shakespeare are arranged in the approximate date that Shakespeare wrote the plays the devotions/quotations are taken from. I found this very interesting!

At the end of each devotion there is a question for you to ponder over during your quiet time or throughout the day. I always love this because it helps me to apply what I've learned to my own life.

Like the author, I love the King James Version of the Bible. There is something so beautifully poetic about it and I find myself returning to it time and again because of the sheer beauty of it. There is nothing like quoting the 23rd Psalm from the KJV! We can see the poetic value of Shakespeare and the moral lessons he was teaching through his own writing and his use of the Bible in his plays.

If you're a fan of Shakespeare and you love the poetic works that stir the heart, this devotion is definitely for you! I honestly think anyone would enjoy it, though, and I highly recommend it to everyone! I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

*This book was provided to me for my honest review by Worthy Publishing

Blessings - Julie

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