Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Counting Our Blessings - Linkup!

It's not always easy focusing on the blessings of life when the enemy is pressing down on us like a heavy hammer. I think that's the point of this, each week, though. To sit and think of the good things and the blessings that we do have in our life.

58.  I'm slowly feeling better. I still have pain (and yes, it scares me to death every time) but when I step back an look at how I feel now compared to how I felt before, it's such a blessing. I was sick all the time before and I was so tired all the time. I have my days where I'm tired but even that is getting better. A daily nap is not always required now. 😊

59. I am getting so many wonderful books to read, either in the mail (isn't happy mail wonderful?) or for my e-reader. I am very blessed indeed to get to read the latest books out there. Here's a couple that I have gotten recently.

These books have been such a blessing as I recover from my surgeries!

60. Of course, this baby is a huge blessing. Each and every day, she makes me smile and makes me feel loved. Mitzi is truly a joy!

What are your blessings? Please link up on the linky below or share in the comments.

Blessings - Julie


  1. I am glad you are getting so much better Julie. So is Brian. He is sleeping in bed now.

  2. Nice to stop by and say hello, please stop by #omhgww and linkup there. Have a lovely week!


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