Wednesday, August 21, 2019

God is Faithful and Merciful - A Linkup

God is truly faithful. He is there when things seem so out of control and you know all you can do is rely on Him to see you through safely to the end. I know this because He has been there for me, faithfully, time after time. No situation is too big for Him and, even if things don't go exactly as we would like, He is faithful to bring peace and comfort into our lives.

In May, I had another emergency surgery. I was totally taken off guard because it was the same situation I had found myself in the year before. I had another blockage of my intestine only this time,, it was twisted and I didn't have any idea that there was even a problem. That day had started joyous with family over to celebrate Mother's Day and after everyone went home, I started feeling sick. I knew if felt exactly like the problem I had a year before but I couldn't comprehend that it would be the same thing. Finally, the pain got so bad, I told my husband I was going to have to go to the emergency room. Oh how I dread those words. They did a CT scan and, sure enough, there was a big problem that was going to have to be dealt with.

However, God is faithful and my surgeon, that I had the year before, was available and came to see me. He did the surgery and, while he informed me that I'm put together with stitches, staples, rivets, and more, he did a great job and I'm so thankful. It's been a difficult recovery in some ways - mainly the pain from cutting through the muscles and nerves - yet it's been easy in that I feel much better in so many other ways.

The Lord is merciful. While this Scripture from James refers to Job and all he went through I think a lot of us can relate to the hardships that Job went through. He had one thing after another happen and he must have wondered what was going on. I've had days like that since my surgery. Just before my surgery, I had a back injection and it had given me a lot of relief, however, when you have surgery, you are moved around in ways that you would not move yourself if you were fully awake. I woke up from surgery with horrible back pain and have been dealing with it since. I have had another injection but had a medical test and they had me lie on the table in a way I would never do normally and, again, it has undone the relief that I had. Still, I know the Lord is merciful.

I am able to rest when I need to, use the heating pad and know that there is a plan in all of this. God is full of compassion for my pain and I know I will not have to endure more than I'm able. I also know that because he is both faithful and merciful, He will provide a way to get relief again. He always does. I can look back at all He has done and stand on that knowledge. It brings great peace to know that He hasn't left me nor will He.

Is it difficult? Do I have times where I feel so down, I wonder if I can crawl back out of the dark hole I feel I'm stuck in? Absolutely! However, they don't last because God gives me people around me to encourage me and He gives me His Word that comforts me.

No matter what you are going through, remember that God is faithful and merciful. He will hold you through it all and bring you through to the other side. It may be a long journey or a short journey, but He will be there.

Blessings - Julie

You can find out more about the Scripture I share on the Bible Gateway website. They have the Bible in multiple translations plus a lot of other study information. You can go HERE to check it out.


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  1. Oh, dear friend! You have been through SO much! I am so thankful God has proven Himself so faithful to you time after time and you are getting relief, but trust you will be healed of this awful back pain, too. I am so happy to read all of this and to know how you are doing. I send much love and many hugs to you across the miles!


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