Saturday, April 21, 2018

Finished Crochet Afghan!

I finished my son's afghan! It's really big and perfect for his twin bed. I'm really happy with how it came out and it will definitely keep him warm.

I'm sorry the picture isn't really great but I'm taking the picture at 4:00 in the morning and the lighting isn't really too good. It's draped over my recliner so you can see how huge it is.

I used the Caron Cake yarn in the Cake Pop color. The pattern I used is HERE.  I did the twin bed size in case you want to do one this size, but they give you the starting chain and pattern for different sizes. 

I'm starting a new project today as a gift for someone special. I'll share pictures as I go along.

I went to the surgeon yesterday and had my staples removed! He was very pleased with my healing and I don't have to see him again. I'm so thankful that I'm doing well and that I'm on the road to getting my life back! I'm still very tired and quite sore but he said that's normal considering the type of surgery I had. It's going to take some time to feel fully recovered but I'm going to take it easy and make sure I do fully recover.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Blessings - Julie

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Counting Our Blessings - LinkUp!

38.  I am slowly healing. I'm actually feeling better than I have felt in a long time but I'm also really tired. I've been napping and listening to my body so that I get well. I am so thankful and so blessed that this surgery happened and that I've healing.

39.  I really love writing in journals and when I was introduced to the Travelers Notebooks, I was really sold. I love that I can put individual notebooks inside and use them as I want. I have lined notebooks, dot notebooks, and plain paper notebooks for sketching.

I found this cute TN at Hobby Lobby for half off! It is so very pretty and I just couldn't pass it up.

See the cute charm on the front? I've had that awhile and it's so perfect for me. I has an adorable poodle on it!

Here's the inside of my TN. That front notebook is lined and was also half off. I am using this as my journal and there's another notebook I'm using to make sketches in for my paintings. I just love this gorgeous TN!

40.  I've finally finished the beading on my Celtic Santa - Wales piece! I just have a little back-stitching around the axe and to make the mustache and beard. I have been just too tired to make them and there's not a lot of extra floss if I make a mistake so I'm going to wait until I'm feeling better to do them.

I love this piece and am so thrilled with it.

What are your blessings for this week? Please share on the linkup below!

Blessings - Julie

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Book Review - Unimaginable


Is God Dying?

 That’s what some people think and want. They say Christian beliefs and our way of life aren’t relevant anymore. But what critics and even many churchgoers don’t realize is the life-changing importance of Christianity.

 Showing how the world would be a dark place without Christianity, Unimaginable guides you through the halls of history to see how Jesus’ teachings dramatically changed our world and continue to be the most powerful force for good today. Learn . . .
 · How Christianity has stood against the evils of slavery (more than once), racism, eugenics, and injustices toward women and children
 · Why democracy, freedom as a universal value, and modern education and legal systems owe much to Christianity
 · How Christians throughout the ages have demonstrated the value of human life by sacrificially caring for the sick, handicapped, marginalized, and dying
 · How people of faith are extending God’s kingdom through charities, social justice efforts, mental health initiatives, and other profound ways

 This provocative and enlightening book is for anyone concerned about where our world is heading.


Jeremiah J. Johnston, PhD, is a New Testament scholar and frequent contributor to national publications and shows, including USA Today, Fox News, CNN, Relevant, The Christian Post, and numerous other media outlets. Known for his unique communication skills and his infectious love for people, Jeremiah ministers internationally in partnership with the Museum of the Bible and is president of the Christian Thinkers Society, a resident institute at Houston Baptist University, where he serves as Associate Professor of Early Christianity. He is the author of Unanswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions. Jeremiah and his family live in Houston. Learn more at


This book asks the question - "What would our world be like without Christianity"? Have you ever considered this? It's actually not hard to imagine that happening in this country (US) as we fall farther and farther away from God's principles. It's a very frightening idea to me, though, as it's only through God's ways that we have the pureness of right to guide us.

This book digs into the lives of different historical figures and how their faith or lack of faith shaped their worldview. I found this very interesting as I enjoy history and seeing how these different men believed and how this view shaped the world around them was interesting. We see how the men who believed in Christ lived their lives in an upright manner, always trying to do the right for others. The men who weren't Christian, ruined those around them and evil ruled their thoughts and actions.

He shares the Gospel and what it is like for those who accept Jesus into their lives. I liked this section of the book a lot because it just reinforced my own beliefs and also gave me more information as I share the Gospel with others. It's just a great reminder of why having Jesus in our world and in our lives is the greatest thing for us all.

This is a very good book about what Christianity does for us as people in our own lives, countries and the world. It's a book that makes you think but also reinforces why it's a good thing to believe in Christ. I highly recommend this book and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

*This book was provided to me for my honest review by Bethany House

Blessings - Julie

Book Review and Giveaway- A Most Noble Heir


When stable hand Nolan Price learns from his dying mother that he is actually the son of the Earl of Stainsby, his plans for a future with kitchen maid Hannah Burnham are shattered. Once he is officially acknowledged as the earl's heir, Nolan will be forbidden to marry beneath his station.

Unwilling to give up the girl he loves, he devises a plan to elope--believing once their marriage is sanctioned by God that Lord Stainsby will be forced to accept their union. However, as Nolan struggles to learn the ways of the aristocracy, he finds himself caught between his dreams for tomorrow and his father's demanding expectations.

Forces work to keep the couple apart at every turn, and a solution to remain together seems farther and farther away. With Nolan's new life pulling him irrevocably away from Hannah, it seems only a miracle will bring them back together.


Susan Anne Mason's debut historical novel, Irish Meadows, won the Fiction from the Heartland contest from the Mid-American Romance Authors Chapter of RWA. Also a member of ACFW, Susan lives outside of Toronto, Ontario, with her husband and two children. She can be found online at




This is one of those books where you love each and every character - even the ones that aren't so lovable - because the author has made them so real and so human and you can relate to something in each of them.

I really like the main character of Nolan because he is a man of principle. I love how he loves and that he understands Hannah so much. Hannah is the girl he loves and I just adore her. She has not been loved well in her life so for Nolan to set her high in his life, is just lovely to see.

We see Nolan go from a stable boy to being made aware that he is actually the heir of the Earl of Stainsby. Both of these men are headstrong and feel they know what is right and wrong. It's an interesting dynamic when these two get together.

My favorite character in the book is the Duchess, Iris. Her common sense, her love, her lightness in a dark situation, made this story even more enjoyable. She is such a fun character and I wanted to get to know her even more.

This is a wonderful story full of wonderful characters. I really enjoyed it and I think you will, too. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

*This book was provided to me for my honest review by LitFuse Publicity Group and the putlisher, Bethany House.

Blessings - Julie

Book Review - The Heart's Appeal


London, 1881

He Never Expected to See Her Again. Then She Appeared with a Most Unexpected Request. . . .

Strong-minded and independent, Julia Bernay has come to London to study medicine and become a doctor--a profession that has only just opened up to women. When she witnesses a serious accident, her quick action saves the life of an ambitious young barrister named Michael Stephenson. It's only later that she learns he could be instrumental in destroying her dreams for the future.

Coming from a family that long ago lost its status, Michael Stephenson has achieved what many would have thought impossible. Hard work and an aptitude for the law have enabled him to regain the path to wealth and recognition. His latest case puts him in the middle of a debate over the future of a women's medical school. He's supposed to remain objective, but when the beguiling and determined Julia reappears with an unexpected entreaty, he begins to question what he's made most important in his life. But Julia may be hiding her own motivations. As the two are tangled into spending more time together, will their own goals be too much to overcome?


Jennifer Delamere's debut Victorian romance, An Heiress at Heart, was a 2013 RITA Award finalist in the inspirational category. Her follow-up novel, A Lady Most Lovely, received a starred review from Publishers Weekly and the Maggie Award for Excellence from Georgia Romance Writers. Jennifer earned a BA in English from McGill University in Montreal, where she became fluent in French and developed an abiding passion for winter sports. She's been an editor of nonfiction and educational materials for nearly two decades, and lives in North Carolina with her husband.


I had a hard time getting into this book. I really didn't like the main character of Julia during the first few chapters and wondered if I could even finish this book. However, I kept going and soon found myself liking her and seeing the changes in her. She has strong faith and desires God to use her in any way that He chooses. I grew to really admire this in her.

I felt the strong male character, Michael, was the perfect companion to Julia's own strong tendencies. He keeps her grounded and they are both very good for each other. The fact that they both have high goals for each other and are on a path to do great things, makes these characters very interesting.

The story is very well written and I enjoyed the backdrop of London in the early 1880's. The historical background is well done and I enjoyed this aspect very much.

This is a good novel and, if like me, you find yourself not really liking it for the first few chapters, keep reading as you will soon be glad you did. I think you'll enjoy this story as much as I did.

*This book was provided to me for my honest review by Bethany House

Blessings - Julie