Monday, September 1, 2014

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!

Dear Friends...I do this Counting Our Blessings - Link Up for me more than anything. I'm always so excited and pleased to read your links but I need to focus on my blessings so much. Reading  yours is like a cherry on top! Thank you for participating in this link up and for sharing your lives with me and others. There are so many out there, like me, who are living with a painful situation and we really need to focus on the blessings that God provides, not only ours, but others. I'm so thankful each and every time I see a new link up!

61. I had a huge, huge blessing this week! I received this baby as a gift from someone that knew I needed a new little friend after losing Holly and going through all I've been through. Here she is - Miss Lily Lou!

She's a tiny, toy white poodle! She weighs a whopping one pound! I just love her so much and am so blessed by her!

62. For the first time, we got our digital TV box hooked up. We're rather behind the times, I guess. As I shared a while back, we turned off our satellite tv to save money and also because we found there was nothing on there we wanted to watch anyway. I've really been enjoying the MeTV channel and the other vintage TV station on there. So much, in fact, I really need to turn it off once in a while! I'm kind of hooked! It is a blessing to see all my old favorite shows, though, especially since I haven't been feeling too well this week.

63. My Dad had his cataract surgery and it went very well. He is even seeing better, which they didn't hold a lot of hope out for because he has Macular Degeneraion. I pray for him all the time that his eye sight will not get worse and it's such a blessing that having the cataract removed actually helped him.

64. My in home nurse found that I had an infection in my toe! I cracked the nail a few weeks back and didn't think a thing about it as in the past it would have been no big deal. However, since it happened on my compromised leg, it's definitely a big deal! She got it all fixed up (I won't go into the horrible details - yuck!) and then showed my son how to take care of it over this long Labor Day weekend. I'm so blessed to have a son that doesn't mind doing these things for me and I'm so thankful for an in-home nurse that really checks things out! We're wondering if this toe had something to do with the infection I had a couple weeks back? We're not sure, but in any case, I'm so glad to have it taken care of and it feels so much better!

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Blessings - Julie

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up

Do you have times where it's hard for you to focus on your blessings? Me, too! That's when I really force myself to think of all the Lord has done for me...this is one of those times, dear friends. I'm having a hard time not focusing on the hard things I'm going through and so I sit here, fingers poised over the keyboard, to think - really think - of all the blessings I have in my life. So, let's get started.

55. I have to once again thank God for my husband. He really is the biggest blessing in my life. He was there with me for most of the time I was in the hospital; spending the night, being my advocate, cheering me up and doing little errands for me because I needed something. I don't know if people really realize how a person's illness affects not only them, but the whole family. To have a supportive family is truly a blessing!

56. This brings me to my youngest son who realized I was sick when I didn't. My temperature was so high, I was delirious and didn't realize I was actually sick. He stepped in, got me to the emergency room, stayed with me the first night I was in the hospital and slept in an absolutely horrible bed. I am so thankful for him. He's so mature and so giving of himself!

57. My hubby has blessed me with a new Bible. I have a study Bible that I have dearly loved, but it's become quite hard for me to manage because of it's weight. I really needed to make a change and so my hubby got me this beautiful Bible.

Isn't it gorgeous?  It's the perfect size and weight and I'm having a much easier time of reading it and using it for my Bible study. This Bible has blessed me so much!

58.  When I was in the hospital, I was lamenting about the fact that I didn't have clear nail polish on my nails. I really have to  keep polish on my nails because they are so weak now and are easily chipped or split. He went out and bought me this

It was so sweet of him as this is really out of his comfort zone! It's a beautiful clear polish with small, pink glitter in it. It cheered me up to no end and protected my nails while I was in the hospital. What a blessing to have such a sweet hubby and to have a fun polish, too!

59.  I have kept a journal since I was a very, young child. I have one that I had a few pages left in and my hubby realized this. He found these wonderful journals at the Christian book store that have snap-on plates that you can inter-change for a different look for the cover. They are so neat. I don't have a picture of mine, but this picture shows you the owl snap-on plate I have.

Mine is different in that it has a Scripture written on it. I don't think they are really available anymore unless you find a few left at a Christian store. I just love this new journal and it's such a blessing to have a new, beautiful journal from my hubby!

60.  My biggest blessing of all is all the prayers that have been prayed over me as I, once again, was in the hospital. I'm so thankful for your prayers and for the prayers of my friends and family here. I truly believe knowing that I'm being prayed for has sustained me on days when I thought I truly couldn't go on. Knowing the Lord is hearing those prayers is the most awesome blessing of all!

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Blessings - Julie

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I Am Exhausted

I'm back home - thank the good Lord! This hospital stay was especially difficult and I was so glad to come home. While no hospital stay is really pleasant, this one was particularly hard on me for a lot of reasons.

I was quarantined the entire time. That meant no leaving my room to walk the halls; it also meant everyone who walked into my room had to have a paper gown on and rubber gloves. Talk about feeling isolated! I had friends and family who wanted to visit, but I told them not to because of the inconvenience of "suiting up". The really stupid thing about this is that it wasn't even necessary! The nurse who admitted me somehow decided I had had MRSA (this is the flesh eating disease) and so , of course, this caused the stir. I said to my infectious disease doctor - "I didn't know I had MRSA!" He said, "You didn't and you don't now." So how this whole thing got started, I'll never know.  Even when we found out that I didn't have it, I was still on quarantine because the nurses didn't really want to take the chance.

I wanted to share with you my little room where I spent 7 long days of my life. Thankfully, my husband was with me most of the time which made it bearable, otherwise, I should have gone mad! Here's the little couch that pulled out into a twin bed for my hubby. Outside the window, I had a wonderful view of the interstate and all the cars!

Here's the white board that drove me crazy! Someone had written on it with permanent marker and so this mess was on there. I sat right in front of this board and allowed it to get to me at times. It was on the door to the bathroom.

Here's the shelf with the TV and underneath was a place to keep clothes and such. Please note the "Call Before You Fall" sign. This ties in nicely with the fact that the same nurse that said I had MRSA also slapped a "Fall Risk" band on my wrist so I had to call for help (despite not needing it) every time I needed to use the restroom. It was very annoying!

This was the view from my chair, too. You can see the board with the names of my nurse and tech on there as well as my room number, etc. Next to it is the computer for the nurses that never worked right.

Then we have the door to the outside world (you have no idea how many times I wanted to run screaming through that door! lol) and the sink and all that for the nurses. That white thing on the top of the door is the holder for the gloves and paper gowns that everyone had to wear. It was on the outside of my door so everyone knew to wear the stuff.

A couple shots of my bed and the IV stand. How do you like all those IV's on there? Lots of stuff going in my veins!

Another shot of the lovely hospital bed...

and finally, the chair where I spent hours and hours. I tried to keep busy by reading and did watch some TV, but sometimes, I would just sit and contemplate my situation. I'm telling you, I'm so thankful that my hubby was there! It would have been horrible being alone that long week!

The update on my situation is that I am doing IV's again. Another week of Vancomyacin plus the wound vac has been removed for now because my doctor thought it might be contributing to my infections. They are putting Gentemyacin in the wounds, plus Aquacel (the silver stuff) and they are hoping it will give some help to my leg. I see my doctor once a week to allow him to monitor me and to check my wounds.

This has been a very long 7 (almost 8) months. I'm so tired of all this and am just praying for complete and quick healing. Without the Lord, I don't know how I could have dealt with all this. Even so, I am exhausted...

Blessings - Julie

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Book Review - NIV Streams in the Desert Bible


At some point, every Christian encounters the trials and deep mysteries of the Christian faith. And when that happens they become a thirsty traveler; what hey most desire is hope, comfort, and encouragement to burst forth like a sparkling, clear river.

The hopeful daily readings in the NIV Streams in the Desert Bible promise to revive and refresh today's generation of faithful sojourners by providing daily devotions in modern, easy-to-understand language that beautifully captures the timeless essence of the original. These devotionals are presented alongside Scripture using the popular New International Version of the Bible, and this hardcover edition will be a lasting, elegant resource.

While the devotions in this Bible were originally written by L. B. Cowman-a pioneer missionary in Japan and China from 1901 to 1917-this devotional Bible has been edited by James Reimann. It maintains the beauty of the original Cowman writings while making the devotionals more accessible for the readers of today.

  • Complete text of the clear, accessible NIV Bible
  • 365 daily readings of strength and encouragement from L. B. Cowman
  • Foreword by Jim Reimann

I have loved the "Streams in the Desert" devotional for years. It is timeless and always applicable to whatever is happening in my life. To have this as part of a Bible is just wonderful and makes reading my Bible a refreshing delight every day! I always enjoy reading my Bible, but having these devotions in the Bible is great and it's so nice to have it compiled in one book.

Each devotion is dated so you can start on the date of your choice or just start at the beginning. I really like how you can use this Bible to have a daily reading plan - reading the Bible between the devotions.

It has a wonderful Subject Index in the back, making it easy to find the subjects that you want to look up. It also has a weights and measures table, which I find extremely helpful.

The devotionals are updated, using today's language, so it makes it very easy to understand which is perfect for the NIV Bible, which is always a very understandable translation. This is a really wonderful Bible/Devotional and it makes your quiet time so special as you read God's Word and read these amazing devotions each day. I really like this Bible and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

*This book was provided to me for my honest review by BookLook Bloggers Program

Blessings - Julie

Monday, August 18, 2014

Another Lousy Bump in the Road

I'm in the hospital again. It's not a good thing when you know most of the nurses by name because you've been to the hospital so much. That's the story of my life right now, though. 

This all started on Thursday. I had the chills and a fever of almost 103 so I called my nurse who said to get to the ER now. I was taken back right away and then told almost immediately that I would be admitted. Then they called my infectious disease doctor who said he wanted me brought to his hospital, 2 hours away. Unfortunately, there wasn't a bed available for me so I had to wait until the next day, late in the afternoon, to be taken by ambulance to this hospital. This has been really a strange sickness and I still have no answers as of right now. I'm being pumped full of antibiotics, having tons of blood drawn and just waiting for Monday to come around when my doctor will be here. 

Please keep me in prayer...for the doctors to have wisdom and my leg to be protected. Thank you so much, dear friends. This is another horrible bump on this horrendous journey I've been on for over 7 months! 

Blessings - Julie