Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Devotional

How often do you really stop - really stop - and consider God's wonders? If you're like me, you don't do it often enough. I know my first thought when I read this scripture is to think of nature. Truly, the beauty of nature is one of God's wonders. The beautiful sky - especially here in Arizona - the trees and my favorite, the birds. Not long ago,my oldest son rearranged my chair in the family room so I could look out the window and then my youngest son put up a bird feeder that feeds both small and large birds right outside our window. He then moved the large birdbath that was just out of site of the window, right smack in front of it! Wow! What a tremendous sight I see each day. Birds of every shape and size, coming to feed and drink. I have seen new species that I've been able to add to my bird book where I write down what birds I've seen. We actually have a woodpecker here now and that has been thrilling. Since I don't live where there are a lot of trees, I was shocked to see him, but I've made sure to buy him special treats so he will return.

When I really stop and consider God's wonders, I must focus on my children. What miracles they truly are! I look at my oldest son and see my Father's hands and feet. I see my Father's husky and manly build in my son, too. I see my mouth and nose. In my youngest son, I see my husband and my Father's and Grandmother's nose. Isn't this miraculous? God passes down these features to our children from their ancestors and we are able to see our parents and grandparents in them. My children have blessed my life more than you can imagine. They have given me an unconditional love and, more than that, they have given Jesus an unconditional love.

God's wonders do not stop at the fact that my children resemble my family physically. They have continued on a belief in the Lord, Jesus Christ, that my husband and I began when they were quite small. My husband's and my familys believe there is a God, but they don't believe IN God. They don't live their life for Him and nothing in their lives have changed. My children have chosen to follow God and their lives are so much richer and more fulfilling than ours ever were at their age. My heart swells at this.

I'm so thankful for homeschooling because it has allowed us to instill in our children the Word of God. They have been able to hide it in their heart (Psalms 119:11) and make it a part of their daily learning. They have heard the call of the Lord and answered Him. Is there anything more wonderous than the Lord calling us to be His own? Stop and look at your children. Stop and consider the wonders of the Lord and you will see SO much.

God bless you - Julie

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