Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bluegrass Concert

Here's some pictures from the concert my son did on Saturday with the "Old Time Fiddler's Society", along with his teacher and another of his students. Cody cracked us up because he said all the way to the concert, "I'm going to throw up." He didn't, thank goodness, but he still looks like a deer stuck in the headlights in this picture!

Cody received a scholarship from the "Old Time Fiddlers" and that has been such a blessing. He's learning more about the fiddle after playing the violin for about a year and a half. He's been playing the mandolin for years, now, and it's his favorite. This was quite a large group that played on Saturday. I couldn't get everyone in the picture, but you get the idea.

The little girl standing next to my son is only 10 years old, but plays like a pro! She is also a scholarship recipient.

Here's a picture of my son with his teacher playing a duet they put together, "Nobody knows you when you're down". Take a good look at that guitar Doug is playing. Amazing!

Here's Cody during one of his solo's. He's looking a lot more relaxed.

Here's Cody and Doug playing an old favorite, "Whiskey Before Breakfast". Don't you just love those Bluegrass song titles? (By the way, we do not recommend this. LOL)

And finally, here's the two guys - student and teacher - friend and friend - after the concert looking very happy with themselves. One of them actually looks relieved that it's over, too!

I actually did video tape the concert and am thinking of putting one of the songs on YouTube if I can figure out how. If I do, I'll let you know so you can go and see it!

God bless you ~ Julie

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