Thursday, October 2, 2008

Last Rose of Summer

Today my son came in the house with this from our yard.

He handed it to me and said, "A beautiful rose for a beautiful Mom." Oh. My. Is that not the sweetest thing you've ever heard? It really touched my heart.

The rose is beautiful. I was really surprised when he came inside with it. It's been very cool here in the evenings and at night and I didn't dream we would have any roses blooming. We didn't have a very good year for the roses at all this year because of the heat. Maybe they are enjoying this cooler weather and are blooming their last rose of summer.

My hubby and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary last week. It's so hard to believe we have been married that long. We didn't do anything special - just spent the day together and gave each other cards. It was really nice.

I finally have my fall decorating done. It's so nice and I'm very pleased with how things turned out. I really love this autumn time of year - the crispness of the air, the smells outside. . .really lovely.

We had some sobering news today. My hubby, who is diabetic, has been having some problems with his vision. He went to the retina specialist today and he found out that he has some bleeding behind both eyes that are in his line of vision. He will have to have laser surgery and it's been scheduled for October 10th. The doctor said that this has only a 20% chance of working. Very serious. We are praying that the Lord will completely heal his eyes through this surgery. I know that my God is not a God of only 20% - but a God of 100%!! Please keep my hubby - David - in your prayers if you think of it.

We are cleaning up our yard right now. We have so many sticker bushes this year and our little dogs are dragging them in on their fur. There's nothing quite so painful as stepping on one of these horrid little thorns with your bare foot. I'm hoping we can get rid of most of them. We had to cut down a tree today that died over the summer. It was a globe willow tree. Even though we watered it faithfully over the summer, it just couldn't take the heat. It was so sad to see it die. My youngest son decided to chop it down with an axe. He's paying for that decision tonight with pain in his shoulder and back. I put ointment on his back and will give him an Aleeve to try and help with the pain. I hope he'll feel better tomorrow.

I've been painting again. It's been great joy to get my watercolors out put brush to paper. I am inspired to do some kind of nature journal with my painting and do some writing in the journal. Not sure what I will come up with, but feel inspired.

Delight yourself also in the Lord,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart.
Commit your way to the Lord,
Trust also in Him,
And He shall bring it to pass.

Psalm 37:4-5

This scripture is so in my heart. I understand that the desire of my heart must be a closer walk with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. With that desire fulfilled, all other desires fade into the background. Oh to be so in love with my Savior that all the things of this world matter not. I am making a new commitment to delight myself in the One who can delight me like no other. To commit myself to the Lord and trust Him - knowing that whatever shall pass my way, He is with me, holding my hand and loving me like no other. Oh, Lord Jesus , help me to always put you first - to make my life all about serving you.

God bless you ~ Julie


  1. Julie....what a wonderful post! Yes our God is a 100% God!!! I am agreeing with you for your husband's 100% healing!
    Hope you show us some of your have a great talent!

  2. What a beautiful post and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog as well! Your last of summer rose is lovely!

  3. Oh, I am so happy that your here too!
    Thanks, for your comment. Brittany is quite a young lady, I was never like that. I would have gladly wanted my parents to step in for me...but you know, in life sometimes we have to learn to do that ourselves.
    I have now...believe me, learned to stick up for myself. And...don't worry...I was gritting my teeth and wanting to jump in as was my husband. I am so glad we didn't though...the lesson that SHE learned from this she will never forget.

    Have a wonderful weekend! I am praying!


  4. Hi Julie, I'm visiting by way of CBO. First off, that is a beautiful rose, one of my favorite colors in a flower.
    My husband and I have also been married for 27 years. Give yourselves a big pat on the back and a Hallelujah to the Lord, because that is very rare!
    Fellow homeschooler. I look forward to visiting your site again.
    God bless,
    And we'll keep your husband in our prayers to the 100% God!

  5. Found you off of CBO- your post hit me in several ways- one of my posts last week was on Psalm 37, and I have had 3 eye surgeries, two cataract and one retinal detachment-

    I'll pray for your husband-

  6. Hi Julie...
    What a great gift... a perfect rose.

    My mom would have said...
    "That's nice... what did you break?"... lol

    We have David on our iPray list.

    Love ya, CBO-Gib


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