Monday, October 27, 2008

Lovely Date Day

I've been pulling out all my Christmas projects and working on getting them done. I had a snowman that is a panel and I was so close to getting it done. I pulled it out on Saturday and am almost done finishing up all the little pieces that needed to be sewn on. It's very simple, but so cute! I like the panels that you just cut out and sew. Perfect for decorating doors and other such places in the house. When it's done, a picture will appear here!

I had great plans for the day today, but just couldn't seem to pull myself together. I even had a Starbucks Venti iced coffee in the fridge waiting for me this morning, but that didn't pull me out of my weirdness, either. Hubby was a darling (as always!) and said, "Let's go do something fun together!" So, after working on his website and getting it looking more fall like, we took off for Sam's Club to get a car battery. Yay!! Really. It was a lot of fun. Hubby is a very patient man and let me look around in Sam's Club to my hearts content. Okay - I can't shop forever because of the arthritic knees, but I was able to walk to the back and then to the front and it was okay. He even bought me Bill O'Reilly's new book, "A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity". I have been wanting to read his book and since it's almost $12.00 cheaper at Sam's Club, he let me buy it. I remember Bill O'Reilly from the 1970's when he was a reporter in my hometown of Denver. I have to say, I was shocked - shocked - when I saw him on Fox News for the first time. I just never imagined him being on a National news show. Believe me!

Now for the fun part of the day - hubby took me to my favorite place for lunch/dinner, Cracker Barrell. It was lovely - just the two of us. We stayed there for like 2 hours just talking, eating, and sipping iced tea. We even ordered dessert, which we never do. We had their wonderful Apple Dumpling with iced cream. Oh, my. It was so good! We did the romantic thing and ordered one and shared it with two spoons. It was just such a nice, nice day. I have such a wonderful husband and he's so in tune with me and always concerned with how I'm feeling. We care so much about each other and I'm very, very blessed to have such a wonderful hubby!

To top off such a wonderful day, in the mail was this:

The perfect ending to a perfect day. I will sit down when I can and read through this magazine from cover to cover. There aren't that many magazines I do that with anymore, but I definitely love this magazine. It's just gorgeous.

We had wonderful news yesterday. My nephew and his wife are expecting their fourth child next June. This is such a blessing! This will be my sister's fourth grandchild and she's thrilled, of course. I'm pretty thrilled myself!

God bless you - Julie


  1. we are lucky girls to have such incredibly excellent husbands. They are a rarity!

  2. Can't wait to see a picture of the snowman wallhanging! I am just about to start on Christmas stuff.. a bit late, but I'll do what I can!
    Glad you had such a lovely day :)

  3. I would love to see the snowman wall hanging, too and congratulations to your nephew and his family!
    P.s. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!


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