Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Doctors and Needles and Goodwill - Oh My!

Yep - uh-huh - it's true! I had my shot in my back this morning to try and relieve the pain I'm having. Okay - so far it's not working. However, they said I wouldn't feel better for 2-3 days, so I guess that's normal. Actually, I feel like I've been beat up, but again, this is normal.

The process wasn't horrible - they numbed me first before putting that shot into my spinal area. I guess I must have been nervous, though, because the minute he put that needle into my back, I broke out in a cold sweat and told the doctor I was going to pass out or, at the very least, throw up all over his nice clean floor. LOL Cold compresses were applied to my neck - deep breathing was done (by me and I think the poor tech who was wondering if he was going to have to clean up his nice clean floor), and eventually this horrible feeling passed. They tried to make me comfortable during this horrible experience by putting a pillow under my head. When it came time to get up, that lovely maroon colored pillow was soaked with my . . . ahem . . . glow. They put me in a recliner and the doctor came in to inform me that next time they would sedate me. He said some people react that way - it's a nerve thing, dontcha know - and they will just give me drugs! Okay! I'm all for that! I have another appointment in 2 weeks and I think I will do better with the lovely, nerve-calming drugs.

After my appointment, we went to pick up a real estate sign on a property, then I wanted to go to the Goodwill to get a basket for a gift I'm doing and look around. My hubby found a lovely basket that will work perfectly! Thanks - honey! I also found a make-up mirror with lights! I've been searching for one for 9 months that was not beat up and that was a reasonable price. I found it! I also found an FFH CD and some Christian books. I was thrilled to find a Kay Arthur book, too. Don't ya just love the Goodwill?

I'm home now, trying to recover, and relax before I go to my hair appointment this afternoon. I'm getting my hair professionally cut today so I'll look nice for Thanksgiving when I get to see my sister and her family. Have I said I'm very excited about seeing them all? LOL

Well, I'm getting off here - I need to figure out what all I need to finish up before I leave and I also want to relax a bit more before the big haircut.

God bless you ~ Julie


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  2. Oh Julie. Was it a cortisone shot? UGH! What you had was a panic attack. You probably would not have one the next time since you will know what to expect. The panic was worse than the shot I am sure.
    I pray you have some relief soon.


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