Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Goodies!!

Yesterday I spent the morning making Christmas goodies! I decided this year not to go overboard and make the 15-20 varieties of cookies and candy. My son made a list of our favorite cookies and candy and then we picked 4 cookies and 3 candies that we felt we really wanted to have this year.

The first cookie I made is this delicious and rich Mexican Wedding Cookie. Oh, my. Believe me dear readers when I tell you that one of these cookies is like a butter over-load!
This is a Paula Deen recipe, so should we be surprised that there is a whole cup of butter in these beauties? These are definitely not a sweet cookie, but reminds me of a shortbread cookie. If you'd like to try these, go here for the recipe.

My next cookie were these family favorites - Oatmeal Scotchies! These are totally, totally easy to make. The recipe is on the back of the Nestle Butterscotch Chip bag, but I found it online here for your easy perusal.
Normally, my cookies wouldn't spread out this much, but we've had so much rain and there is so much humidity in the air, my cookies weren't quite as they usually are. They taste good, though, so that's what counts, right?

Last, but not least, we tried something new. It will definitely be on our list from now on! It's Peanut Butter Fudge and I found the recipe here and just had to try it. It's SO good!

Plus, it was so easy. I would have to say it was fool-proof! I didn't add the M & M's to the top of mine because hubby knew he wouldn't like that, but you definitely could. You could probably also add peanuts if you wanted a crunch in your fudge. Be warned - this fudge is super sweet! I cut mine into very small pieces. One bite is just heavenly.

I'm still going to be making a few more things and will share the results and recipes here. It's so much fun to bake for my family - they so enjoy it.


  1. Hi, Julie! I love those Mexican wedding cookies! I make them just about every Christmas, but so far I haven't made any this year. Yours make me wish I had a plateful about now though. ;o)

    I love peanut butter fudge and usually make it and chocolate fantasy fudge but I'm not making any this year. Since I'm diabetic now I'm trying to be good. Accent on "trying", not on "succeeding".

    I wish you a happy and joyous CHRISTmas season, Julie.

    Merry Christmas, dear friend. :o)

    Much love,


  2. Oh everything looks so good!! We have done NO baking this year. I am going to do traditional cut out cookies with hte kids on Tuesday...just for Santa...but otherwise this year will be a bust in the baking department. I am not at a place with my diet where I trust myself completely yet!


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