Monday, December 22, 2008

Some of my favorite things

I have done ceramics since 1981 - the year I got married. Although I don't do them much anymore, I still try and do a few. This first favorite piece is a plaque that lights up when you push the button on the back.

These white snowmen are so elegant.

I love silver. In fact, I even like polishing silver. Although these aren't great pieces, I still like them.

Here they are after their clean-up.

This sled makes a beautiful table center-piece.

My old Santa has to be one of my absolute favorites! Next to him, is the Snowman face that holds candy. So cute!

A tiny tea set with the Nativity painted on it.

My very elegant and elaborate Nativity set from Mexico.

My angel orchestra playing all our Christmas favorites - or so I imagine

A mitten stocking that I made several years ago and still adore.

This snowman lights up and looks so dashing in his top hat and over-coat!

The very first ornament I made with my husband's and my name on it - in 1983. Such a treasure!


  1. All beautiful. I did ceramics back in the early 80's into the 90's also. I still have several of my pieces and love them. I sure enjoyed doing that.
    Your ornament from 1983 is adorable!!

  2. Thanks for sharing all those pretty things. That was neat to look at. Also, thanks for the ideas for Christmas foods. I especially loved the sleigh on the tray...that was very pretty.

    My knee was doing much better but after a trip to the grocery store and standing in my kitchen all day baking cookies yesterday, last night it was awful...after a night of rest it is a bit better...your right about the steps though, I limit my trips as much as possible...but my laundry is in the basement and my bathroom is upstairs so not so easy...LOL.

    If I don't talk to you again, have a blessed Christmas with your family and friends.

    God bless you and yours,

  3. I am so excited you will be doing the Harvest Sky with me and Winona!! Emily's pattern is great for using up stach fabric. Other than the yellow, I will not need to buy anything...I may even have enough of the yellow...not sure yet. You need to e-mail me your e-mail address so Winona and I can correspond back and forth with you. That way we are all working on the same thing at the same time. Let me know when you get your pattern. In the meantime, send me your address and I will e-mail you the requirements and maybe even the cutting directions so we could get started after New Years.


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