Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just getting something off my chest. . .

Okay, I hope this doesn't sound petty or mean, but I have to share what my mil did today with my clothes. I have been SO behind in my laundry because I've been helping pack up her house and get things done over there (without her, I might add). Finally, today, I was able to take some time and get some laundry started. I had one load in the washer and another in the dryer and then went off to my physical therapy appointment. While I was gone, my mil evidently had a complete fit because she wanted to do some laundry - NOW. So, out went my clothes into a basket from the dryer and the other load into the dryer. Then that load ended up in the basket on top of the other load of clothes. I get home and find all these clothes jammed into a laundry basket and her clothes still in the washer - HOURS later. Mind you - she had 6 things - yes, SIX things - in the washer; 4 pair of underwear, a bra and a pair of pants. I had to redo most of my clothes because they were so horribly wrinkled. I was NOT happy. I was further unhappy to find that this urgent load of laundry was still sitting in the washer. I took a deep breath and explained to my family that they must not let her do this again. She will have to check with me before using my washer and dryer. Period. I don't want to sound mean or cruel, but this so disrupts my life and I was so upset about the state of our clothes and having to redo so many of them. Some were so wrinkled, I'm going to have to iron them. Listen, people, I don't do ironing. I did enough at our dry-cleaners/laundromat to last me 10 lifetimes. Plus, every time we pull out a load from the dryer, she goes on and on about how I've stuffed too many clothes in the washer. I have an extra large washer, which she isn't used to, so she's comparing my loads to a normal size washer. It's a dramatic scene every time and we're all a little tired of it. *huge sigh*

I'm really trying to be the hands and feet of Jesus with her - even though she tells me how I'm a fool for believing in my Savior - but some days, like today, it's really hard. There were other issues today, but my laundry being massacred was the real low point for me. I'm barely hanging on getting my necessary chores done for my family and to have to redo them just really brought me down. There will be much prayer and asking for strength and patience from my sweet Lord tonight and in the morning. Tomorrow is a new day and I will need a new attitude and new strength to go along with it.

Her house still is not completely packed up. Every day I say this will be the last day and we'll be done, but I've greatly underestimated the time it takes to pack dishes (yes, there are still MORE dishes to be packed) and so I think realistically, it's going to take us another 2-3 days to finish this all up. I can't tell you how happy I'll be to have it all done!

Thank you so much for your sweet comments in my last post. It's so good to know I have friends out there who understand and are praying for me and my family. We need it!

God bless you! Love, Julie


  1. Father give my sister strength to make it through these days and toss in much joy in Jesus name.I hope this will be a much better day Julie!
    Numbers 6:24~26

  2. Ahhh, Julie,
    My heart goes out to you and I understand. I will pray your mil sees your "foolish"ness as true wisdom and come to the saving grace of Jesus herself. Continue to be his hands and feet in her life...ask God to love her through you so you do not have to depend on your own love.


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