Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Graduation - Part I

As promised, here are the graduation photos from my son's homeschool Graduation. This first photo is the church sanctuary. We had to set up the morning of the Graduation as they had a function in the church the night before. All hands were on deck at 9:00 that morning. We had to move more chairs into the sanctuary to accommodate all the guests that were coming. We also had to move things from the stage area.

Thank goodness for my friend, Rose (shown here pointing), who was so organized about getting the sanctuary done. She wrote down where all the chairs came from and how many there were so we could return things to their proper place after the Graduation. She really was my right hand buddy throughout the Graduation preparation!

Here's Cody getting his mike all set up for that night when he played his mandolin and sang. His friend, Josh, who was also graduating is an old pro at setting things up electronically as he's been doing it for his youth group for years.

Here's a picture of the reception hall after it was decorated. The class colors were Royal Blue and Gold. We were very blessed to find those colors at the local party store and found some really nice things. I bought two air tanks so we could fill the balloons for the reception. Hint: If you do this, get some of the gel to put in the balloons before the air (I got mine from Oriental Trading) as this will keep the balloons flying high for days and days! We wanted them to stay nice for the reception that night.

Here's another shot of the reception room. One of the lades made gold table runners from beautiful, gold fabric. They really set the tables off nicely and gave them that extra touch.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the Graduation prep pictures. Stay tuned to see the pictures from the Graduation.

God bless you - Julie

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