Thursday, July 23, 2009

What I've been doing

The last two weeks have been mostly me hobbling around waiting for my knee shots appointment to come around. I had been just miserable with the pain I had and it really did feel like my bones were rubbing together - which they are, hence, that feeling! LOL Anyway, I decided while I was not able to do much in the running around department (this includes housework, laundry and the ilk - oh, boo hoo - lol), I would work on the projects for my new grand niece and nephew! I love working on baby items and having all these new babies come into our family, gives me the perfect excuse.

This first picture is of the baby blanket I made for my new grand-nephew, Daniel. It's really soft worsted (medium) weight yarn that has all the lovely baby colors. I started it before I knew that Daniel was going to be a boy and chose something that would be good for either a boy or a girl.

Here's the same blanket all folded up - doesn't it just look soft and cushy? It is!

These adorable booties are for my new grand-niece, Ariana. (I just love the name they chose!) These are just so soft and fluffy! I just can hardly stand how cute they came out!

These blue booties are for Daniel. Same pattern but done with different type yarn. Aren't they just too cute done with the blue variegated yarn? Don't you love those pom-poms? Too cute!

Now these sock/booties are just the most adorable thing! This is another new pattern I tried out and am so happy with them! They are so different! See the star pattern on the top? I just think this has to be one of my all time favorite patterns! Plus, they were easier than they look. There is 1/8 elastic in the top of the sock/bootie to keep them on baby's feet. The cuff folds down over it so you don't even notice it.

Here's the booties with a head band I designed to go with them. I had just enough yarn to do something to go with the booties and decided I could design something myself. What do you think?

I so love making all these things! It's fun and so wonderful to give my family things I made especially for them.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I've been up to!

God bless you - Julie


  1. These are gorgeous! Love the blanket and the booties!! Are patterns a possibility? It would be fun to see if I can make them.


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