Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Precious Family

October has been such a busy month for us. My hubby's birthday was in the early part of the month. Here's a picture of his cake. If you've been reading my blog for a long time, you will remember the horrible writing on the past two years cakes. It looked like a first-grader wrote on them. This year, we had a pleasant surprise of good penmanship and being able to read the writing! lol I was sick on my husband's birthday but he spent it with his Mom, so it all worked out. He and I celebrated the next day by going out for lunch with our sons. It was nice!

In the middle of the month, my nephew and niece came to visit us! We were so happy that they decided to come and see us. They had been to the Grand Canyon and decided to come back this way so they could see us. We were so glad!

Here's my youngest showing my nephew his mandolin. It was my nephew who got my son interested in playing the mandolin in the first place so it was great for my son to show him how far he has come. Full circle, so to speak.

Here's my very handsome nephew. He's such a wonderful husband and father. More than that, he's a wonderful man of God. He loves the Lord and it shows in everything he does!

He has always enjoyed talking with my hubby. Here's my nephew, my son and my hubby talking things over. They always have such a great time discussing the current events.

We shared a meal together. I made Bar-b-que meatballs, Baked beans, and green beans with almonds. It was such a blessing sharing a meal with them. Here's the guys talking again. :)

Here's a picture of my nephew and niece. I have cut the picture of the little babies out because they are in the process of adopting these precious little ones and we can't show their pictures on the internet until the adoption is final. These precious babies are so adorable and I'm so happy for my nephew and niece. They are both wonderful parents and these little babies are very, very blessed to have them for parents.

I have such a wonderful family and I'm so thankful that they make the time to come and see us. We love them all so much and wish we could be together more often but are so thankful for the time we do have together. I love you guys!!

God bless you - Julie

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