Saturday, March 6, 2010

Riding the Roller Coaster

Did I say I'm tired? Well, I am! I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, though. Just a little, tiny, pin-point of light, but hey, it's light!! Today was another exhausting day of moving things, figuring out things and just plain, old hard work. We got everything out of the closet in my MIL's new room. I had all my photos in there on shelves as well as my wrapping paper and things of that sort. We put two shelves up in my hubby's new office area and put the photos there. I'm not sure where to put the wrapping paper, yet, but that will make itself known as I look in areas for a good place to store it. Then, we went to my car where all her clothes were and carried and carried and carried them in! lol Are you getting the idea that she has a lot of clothes? This was what was left after I went through them with her at her old house. We had two, huge black trash bags full of clothes that she decided to donate to a thrift store. Oh, if we had to have brought all that here, I don't know what we would have done. As it is, that closet is stuffed to over-flowing. I think we'll pick another day down the line to go through the clothes again and see if she can let go of anything. Honestly, she has at least 50 pairs of pants. I am not kidding. And, at least that many blouses. Plus the shirts in the dresser drawer. lol This lady loves clothes! Shall we talk about the shoes? I think not. It would be too much.

After that, we worked on my hubby's closet so he could get things in there that we had in the other closet. I am so thankful he was willing to organize things in his closet to make room. It really helped and we were able to get things put away. I was ready to drop after this, so I told my hubby I wanted to go out to dinner (something we don't do in these economic times) but I just felt like I would just fall apart if I had to do one more thing. We sneaked out (yes, it's true) and went to my favorite place - Cracker Barrel. Oh, I do love Cracker Barrel. It was the best thing for both of us. We sat in a small, two seated table, held hands and talked and just let the stress of this week melt away. I also had something I usually never have - Country Fried Steak. Comfort food. Yes, I feel comforted and more relaxed. Lest you think we were totally selfish, we called and got a pizza to take home to the gang here. :)

My house is still a mess. It's that plain and simple. I'm trying not to let it get to me, but it does. Especially, my bedroom. I had just finished rearranging and purging it out and now with this new event, more stuff got put in there. I will have to start all over and go through the stuff and get rid of it or find a place. It's not horrible, just discouraging to have a room all nice and neat and then not so much. That's life, though. We just have to ride that roller-coaster up and down.

My knee is still giving me fits. I went to see my pain management doctor and she wants to do an MRI. I've never had one on my knees and so it's probably a good idea. She's concerned that I may have a torn something or that there's something more to the problem than arthritis. I'm glad she's taking this seriously and I'll feel better knowing what's really happening. It's so hard sometimes being so restricted by my pain. It's been a tough week for my little knee. :)

Exhaustion pulls me from the key board. Have a wonderful Lord's day tomorrow!

God bless you - Julie


  1. Just came by to catch-up. I am sorry your knee is giving you so much trouble. I hope you can get to the root of it. And I applaud you for taking in your MIL. May the Lord bless your efforts.
    also at

  2. Hey Julie,

    I am hoping by today that things have settled a bit. I am glad you got some time away in your favorite place with your sweet husband. You needed that time to just unwind a little. Keep that knee up and give it a break...


  3. Hey have been doing the same thing as me these days..purging, decluttering, getting rid of..oh my....yes it can get overwhelming but I keep reminding myself..'slow steps'...I CAN do all things through Christ who gives me strength..and that means keeping my house..SIGH.

  4. It sounds like you've taken on quite a project. Hope your MIL is feeling well. Pray that things will go smoothly with everyone during this new transition.
    God bless, Julie.


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