Friday, April 9, 2010

Book Review & Giveaway - This Little Prayer of Mine

This Little Prayer of Mine
By Anthony DeStefano
Illustrated by Mark Elliot


Nothing Compares to Childlike Faith. With engaging rhymes and beautiful illustrations, "Thbis Little Prayer of Mine" assures children that God is always near - watching, listening, caring, and eager to respond to their requests. They'll also learn that prayer isn't just about asking for things, but about sharing their feelings of sadness and uncertainty as well as of thanksgiving and joy.

Most importantly, "This Little Prayer of Mine" reminds children - and those who love them - that they can trust God to tenderly care for them, no matter what the future holds.


I just adore this book. It's message is so wonderful (and not just for children, either) and reminds us that God is always there waiting to hear from us. I loved it because it emphasizes that God is with us always and He will guide us - all we have to do is ask. It also reminds us that He is our friend ready and waiting to comfort us.

The illustrations are just wonderful! As an artist myself, I enjoy books that have beautiful artwork and this book is in that category. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the illustrations because they were so true to life. I also found myself feeling heartbreak from some of the pictures because they pulled me in and made me think of similar situations in my life.

The combination of the words and pictures in the book are powerful. Any child would love this book and I wish the book had been around when my children were young. I know it would have become a favorite for them. However, I'm keeping this book for future grandchildren because I know it will be a special book to share between them and granny. :)

I was very encouraged by this book myself and know that a child would be. It's comforting to know that the Lord is there for us and that He cares so much for us. It's a blessing to know that He is just a prayer away.

I highly recommend you adding this book to your library. It's sure to become a favorite and, in my opinion, a classic.

If you would like to purchase this book, you can find it here.

This book was provided to me for review by Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing group.


Yipee!! I have one book to give away to someone!!

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God bless you - Julie


  1. I know just the person who would love this book. I am a new follower.
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    Thank you for your review of this book.

  3. Hi Julie. Saw your post on so I thought I'd check your blog out. Following you there...and here. :o) I think my daughter would enjoy this book!

  4. Sounds like an amazing book....Thank you for your beautiful blessings to the one that will win this give away. ((hugs)) Isn't it cool, you and I are both are having give aways,,lol. Great minds think alike they

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