Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Book Review - Friendship for Grown-Ups


Former Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel shares her experiences of growing up without true friends and how she learned to find and develop them as an adult through God's grace.

Not many people can say they lived their most crucial developmental years on the sound state of a wildly popular TV show. But that's exactly what happened in Lisa Whelchel's life. As a child, she learned to guard her heart so tightly to avoid true hurt tat she found herself unable to form lasting friendships as an adult.

Friendship for Grown-Ups details her experiences of learning to come out of her shell, to trust, risk and become vulnerable by God's grace and find meaningful friendships. Readers encounter her captivating story and refreshing perspective on life's most precious gift - and they find practical tips for their own friendships along the way.


I learned SO much from this book. It was another page-turner and I think the main reason was Lisa's very candid, open story-telling. She didn't hold back on the good, the bad, or the ugly of making friends and her different friendships along the way. She peeled back the layers of her life and her experiences on trying to make friends and took us along the journey with her.

Personally, I felt like Lisa was peeking in my windows and seeing my life. There were so many experiences she had that I had, too. So many feelings about not letting people get too close because they might hurt me were the same feelings she had, too. It was a very timely book for me to read at this time in my life and I felt like the Lord had given this book to me as a gift to help me reach out and create friendships.

Lisa gives wonderful advice on making friends, keeping friends, and what to watch out for. It has opened up my eyes and my heart to reaching out to others and creating a circle of friends - something I haven't had. She talks about breaking down that brick wall - brick by brick - to let people into our lives and share our lives.

This book is especially good for people who are afraid to open their lives to friends, but it would also be a good book for those who want to be a better friend to the friends they have. It's touching, sad, funny, and enlightening. Something we all want our friends to be. You'll love this book - I really did!

This book was provided to me for review by Thomas Nelson.


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God bless you - Julie

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