Friday, December 3, 2010

A Gift Worth Treasuring

Here is a picture of my poor, little teapot looking very naked and all the tea inside is getting cooler by the moment.  It's a very pretty little teapot, don't get me wrong, but . . .

Look at this - isn't this just so much better?
Isn't this just gorgeous?  I was overwhelmed when I received a package in the mail one day and opened it to find this beautiful teapot cozy. It's absolutely beautiful  and my dear friend, Eva, and the staff of the church office, sent it to me.  I was and am still overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of this beautiful gift.

Here is a picture of my teapot and my teacup sitting ready for a sweet time of sipping tea.

I love tea and I usually always have a cup of hot tea before bed.  Of course, I always have tea while I'm watching all my British shows.  The just seem to go together.  My tea always gets cold way too fast, but now, with my beautiful teapot cozy, my tea will stay nice and hot for a long time.  This is such a beautiful gift and I will treasure it forever.

God bless you - Julie


  1. So pretty! What a lovely gift.

  2. That would be a lovely surprise, indeed. What are some of your favorite Brittish shows? I love BBC shows like Bleak House. I just finished watching it this week. I need another one to start!

  3. Thumbs Up! I need a Like button or something.


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