Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

"The heart and soul are open to God in some people's lives, but certainly not in others." - A.W. Tozer

"But rise and stand upon your feet, for I have appeared to you for this purpose, to appoint you as a servant and witness to the things in which you have seen me and to those in which I will appear to you, delivering you from your people and from the Gentiles--to whom I am sending you  to open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me." - Acts 26:16-18

Prayer:  Lord, Thank you for starting fresh with me, and clothing me with a new robe. I could never really open any side of me up to you without your saving grace, and so I relish your never ending grace. - A. W. Tozer

This thought by A. W. Tozer is very appropriate for our household at this time - and especially today.  My mother-in-law is not a believer in Jesus Christ, in fact, she is offended by our belief in Him.  Today was another difficult day - most Sundays are - but I just am not handling it as well as I could because of the pain.  I find that I'm having to focus on my own pain and situation so much that any outside situations just bother me to no end.  Today was one of those days. 

Tonight I am exhausted, discouraged and just plain old defeated.  That's in my flesh, however.  I am NOT defeated in my Spirit and I can go forward with hope and faith because of my love of Jesus and my hope in Him.  Yes, I relish His ever lasting and always available grace.  I couldn't cope without it.  Knowing that the Lord tucks me gently beneath His wing and protects me gives me the courage to go on.  I know that he is allowing this pain in my life for a purpose and all I can do is trust in Him, knowing that He will give me no more than I can handle. 

Yes, I'm exhausted, but the Lord is with me and He alone gives me the rest that is true rest.  I can open His Word and find in there the encouragement, the love and rest that I so desperately need.  Through it all, God is good - yesterday, today and tomorrow.  What blessed assurance!!

God bless you - Julie

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