Monday, February 21, 2011

Goals & Plans

I keep forgetting to do's been rather a constant for the past year.  I really do not like being this way at all.  I was always a planner and tried to keep myself as organized as possible.  I made lists, kept a strict calendar and, at one point, even scheduled myself and my children down to the quarter hour increments! I loved it, actually, and always seemed to not only get everything done that needed to get done, but I had extra time to do the things I enjoyed!  That has all gone by the wayside and now I find that I waste tremendous amounts of times just doing nothing.  Not only that, I forget to do the things that need to get done.

I think this all started because this last year has been so difficult for me.  First my MIL moved into our home and she has never stopped being difficult.  My son hurt his back, I hurt my back, and now my knees are shot. Add in all the sickness that has run rampant through our house, the loss of my beloved poodle, Tammy Lou, and the fact that I'm practically housebound, and you've got a horrible mix that threatens my total well-being.

When I could still do things, it was a bit better.  I was involved at my church, not only working in the office, but was leading a Bible study, which was just a total blessing to me.  After I hurt my back, I was in so much pain, nothing mattered but getting rid of the pain.  As that has subsided, it's been better, but my back and knees are still in so much pain, I find I have days where I can only sit and read or play my computer game, or just watch TV.  I don't even read like I normally would.  I'm not writing, except for this blog, and I think that's because I can pour my heart out here and feel some love back from my readers and friends.

This has to change.  It really hit home to me when I received an email from the editor of the newsletter I write an article for reminding my I hadn't sent my article in yet for March's newsletter. *sigh* I had completely forgotten.  Worse, normally, I have so much to say, it's never hard for me to whip out an article in no time at all.  When I realized I had forgotten, though, I just felt bad I forgotten and I couldn't even imagine what I would write about.  If I had been keeping a planner, as I used to do, I would have been thinking about what to write about and already had it done and turned in.  I have this amazing opportunity to write a monthly article and then I forget! This has to stop and I have to get organized again because if I don't, I'm going to continue spiraling down into this pit that I'm in. Right now, I can still dig myself out, but if I let things go, it will just get harder.

So, starting tomorrow, I sit down, write down what I need to do, what I want to do, and make some long term goals. I'm going to have to go easy on myself (since I'm still recovering) but I need to start working towards things. I mean, for years I've longed to have the time to write the book I have in my mind.  I actually have two books in my mind and one is started - it's just a matter of working on them!

I also want to work on the vision board I decorated.  I got the idea for this from Cindy Rushton.  She uses it to put her goals and plans on so she can visually see them.  I have a bulletin board that I decorated and is all ready for me to put my things on.  It just sits there.... Silly, huh? I want to get it up so I can visualize the goals I have for myself.

I know that once I start working on things, even if it's from my recliner, I am going to feel better mentally.  Keeping my calender up to date (and actually looking at it!) will be a great start to getting organized again. Writing a things to do list for each day and working on my goals will make me feel like I'm not a burden to my family.  Lastly, working on my writing, which is a huge dream for me, will be making me feel not only happier but obedient to the Lord, who told me to write in the first place!  If I can do it physically, I would also like to do things in my house again.  This may be slow going, but if I can even do one thing every day, I will feel so much better.  I love doing things for my family and in my home and, there again, it will be a boost to me mentally.

As soon as I have some goals written down, I'm going to share them will help me to stay accountable and will also be a good way for me to keep account of what I'm doing.  How about joining me and writing down your own goals and plans?  If you do already, share how you keep track of things and how you keep yourself motivated.  I would love to know!

God bless you - Julie


  1. I'm sure your plans will really help you. I could tell you were already getting excited just by writing about it.
    I'm not necessarily a stickler on writing lists/goals etc. I do make them, but they change a lot! I remember when I first began homeschooling I was diligent to plan out the first semester. I carefully wrote everything she needed to accomplish in a nice planner. That went out the window the first week, when something came up that messed up the whole she-bang! Now I have an idea what needs to get done by when and record only a day or so ahead. Sounds crazy, but works for us.
    I do have a budget list that I stick to more closely...don't want to forget paying our gas bill!

  2. I have never been a planner like that, mainly because it wouldn't work with my husband...he just goes from the hip.
    I do know that when life threw us a curve ball I found myself kinda lost...I think sometime it takes time to adjust to all the new changes and then we learn a new "normal"...that is where I am now, trying to learn my new "normal"

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and blessings as you write out your goals, start seeing them done and rejoicing in the works of your hands...I am sure you will get such a boost from that that each week will be get better and better.

  3. Good for you! I write a list every day. I do not always remember to look at it. I need to work on that! lol. I keep a simple spiral notebook, one page a day. I write down menu ideas, things I need to do, Bible verses that caught my heart. Nothing fancy.


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