Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Counting Our Blessings

It's been an incredibly hard week for me - pain wise. I woke up last week in so much pain, I was in tears. I haven't had the pain that bad for a while and it hit me like a Mack truck. It's been difficult since and I've been back on the strong pain meds again. This is always hard on me, too, as it keeps me very tired and not thinking clearly. I ended up sleeping in a different recliner last night. My pain has eased up a little, but I didn't sleep very well, so I'm also very tired.  My hubby thinks that I need to get a new recliner.  He's probably right.  Every recliner in this house was bought used, either through a yard sale or a thrift store and they were in good shape, but well used.  The cushions aren't really firm and a lot of the stuffing is not like it should be.  Plus, let's face it, the chairs conform to our own bodies so by the time we got them, they were already conformed. LOL Since I have to sleep in a recliner, I'm thinking my husband is very wise and I should just do it.  I'm dreading the process of going to look, though, as I know the pain will intensify after time away from home and being able to rest. I've been looking at the La-Z-Boys online and have one picked out, so if I can find that one and it works, it will be an easy shopping trip.  I just have to hope our local store has the one I've been looking at so I can determine if it really will work for me.  Now for the Tuesday Counting Our Blessings...

21.  I'm thankful for my husband who always looks at what is best for me and sacrifices so much to care for me and do things for me. He really is my soul-mate and a blessing from God!

22.  My youngest son is finally getting better.  He still has a cough, but even that is much better.  He is definitely on the mend and over the worst of this horrible influenza he had.

23.  For my praying family and friends who care enough about me to pray for my healing.  Sometimes knowing that others are praying for me is the only thing that keeps me hanging on and gives me hope.

24.  I'm thankful for the large order of tea I have coming from TeasyTeas. I have been out of the Sweet Almond for a couple of weeks and it's been pure torture. My hubby insisted that I order my teas as he knows how much I love them. Again, I'm thankful for my hubby!

25.  For the birdseed that my oldest son brought home so I could fill my feeders.  It brings me such joy to sit in my recliner and look out the window at the birds. I am an avid bird watcher and those sweet, tiny, feathered friends give me a sense of calm and joy as I watch them eating their treats. 

26.  I'm so thankful for the emails I received this morning from friends at church telling me that they are praying for me and that they care.

27.  I'm thankful for the church-wide email that went out via my friend asking the church body to pray for me.  Such power in prayer!! I have hope that I will be healed and knowing my church family is praying for me....well, what could be better than that?

Yes, in the midst of my pain and my tears, I am counting my blessings. The Lord has given me so much, has blessed me with a family that loves me and friends that care.  I am blessed!!

God bless you - Julie


  1. Dear Julie,
    I am blessed to come here every week as well. I can vision you and I sitting and chatting our hearts out over a cup of tea.

    Yes, praising the Lord with you for the precious prayer of the saints in our lives. So much to be thankful for. I love your list, just a blessing to read it.

    I agree with your husband about a recliner, buy you a brand new one, you won't regret it.
    I will pray for your dear friend.

  2. How sweet of your son, to think of you and bring something you could enjoy watching..

    Joining your family and friends in prayer for your healing.

  3. (((((HUGS)))))) and know that I am one of those friends praying for you. While I've been there with the pain and the tears, mine is being managed right now and I am so grateful. I hold you closely in my thoughts and prayers and I think it's so wonderful that you are counting your blessings among the storm in your life. Amen!!!!

  4. (((hugs))) I 'm praying for you, Julie! You do have a wonderful husband to take such good care of you. Enjoy your new chair, and watching the birds eat from the feeders!



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