Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Counting Our Blessings

I'm so thrilled to be hosting Counting Our Blessings.  Tamara over at A Homemakers Heart has decided that she's unable to do this meme and has graciously turned it over to me.  She even made the beautiful graphic at the top of this post! She is so sweet and I am honored to take this over for her.  This has been a wonderful blessing to me because it has helped me to stay focused on all my blessings and not get mired down in the things that aren't so easy.  I love we can be focused on all that the Lord does and blesses us with. 

47.  I'm thankful to be hosting the Counting Our Blessings and I'm very thankful to Tamara for entrusting me with this.  It has been such a blessing to me and she has been a wonderful blessing, too.  In the short time since we've gotten to know each other, she's been such a sweet friend.  She has been a prayer warrior for me as I have been for her.  Since we are both dealing with back pain, there's a definite camaraderie.  Thank you, Tamara, again for starting this wonderful meme and for the blessing of hosting it!

48.  I'm thankful that the Lord has patience with me and continues to love me and guide me despite my human failings. Having the Lord love me blesses me beyond measure!!

49.  I am so blessed by my friends who continue to check in with me, despite not seeing me for a long time.  That's the measure of a true friend - that they don't forget you or brush you aside when you're having problems.  I'm very blessed because I have so many friends who love me, even though they don't see me, and take the time to check in with me!

50. I'm so thankful for my oldest son who helps me with my laptop computer when I'm having problems with it.  He knows how much I use this computer in my recliner and that it really is something that keeps me sane.  He is so good to always set things up for me and to help me.  This week he set up my computer so that I can print right from my recliner!! Isn't that amazing?  Such a huge blessing as it was really hard doing it before.

51.  I'm so thankful for my youngest son who, despite his own pain, steps up to cook or do some cleaning - without being asked! He has his own herniated disc, but because he's farther along the healing road, tries to help out when he can.  I'm so thankful that he has such a giving heart and is always willing to step up when he can.

52.  I am so blessed by so many of my readers who have become friends.  There are many of you who have been praying for me through this back/pain issue. I get wonderful emails that make me laugh, warm my heart and even bring me to tears with their kindness and love.

Please join me in Counting Your Blessings.  Grab a tag from the sidebar and then count your blessings on your blog.  When you have it posted, come back here and link up!  I can't wait to read your blessings!!

God bless you - Julie


  1. Good Morning! I posted about this on my blog and my prayer is that this meme will grow for His glory :)

  2. Thank you for hosting this meme. I really enjoy it!


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