Thursday, April 7, 2011

Taking Stock - Part Two

Yesterday, I talked about how the last 6 months have forced me to be quiet and really take stock of what the Lord wants me to learn through this.  After all, the Lord does want us to learn through all situations in our life and He will get our attention any way He has to! He loves us that much!

So, rewind 5 years to a time when I am recovering from my thyroid cancer. I was having my prayer time and I was asking the Lord what He wanted me to do.  What what his plan for my life? Suddenly, as clear as day, I heard the Lord tell me, "I want you to write".  Oh, my. To hear the Lord call me to this was amazing because it was the desire of my heart to do that very thing.  I told my husband what the Lord had said and that it would totally bless me to have a lap-top computer that I could use anywhere and begin my writing journey.  He, of course, was totally sweet and I still have that very lap-top today and am writing on it this very minute.

I contacted the leader of my homeschooling group and asked about writing an article for our monthly newsletter. I have such a heart for the homeschooling Mother and I wanted to encourage her in the wonderful yet daunting journey of homeschooling her children. I still feel this calling and I continue to write that monthly article.  After that, I wrote an article about my experience of homeschooling my children through my illness as well as my husband's illnesses.  This article was published in "The Old Schoolhouse Magazine".  Then I stopped.  Yes, just like that I stopped. This was not what the Lord had told me to do - He had told me to write.  I knew what He meant, but I told myself that I was writing through my blog and through the homeschooling newsletter and that was good enough, but it isn't. I know what the Lord means. After all, He is NOT a God of confusion or even suggestion.  He puts in our hearts and minds exactly what He wants us to do.  Unfortunately, I have chosen to basically ignore his clear instruction and so He had to get my attention.

Stay tuned for part three of this story.

God bless you - Julie

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