Thursday, September 15, 2011

Some of my Favorite Music

I enjoy music so much and it is something that you will hear in my home every day.  I listen to music when I'm reading, studying my Bible, working on needlework, writing, cooking, doing housework, and when I go to sleep.  I believe that it sets the mood in the home and I want to share some of my very favorites with you.

This first CD is one I was introduced to recently and it seems to be playing constantly these days.  It is the soundtrack from "Little Women".

There's something very calming about this music and yet inspiring at the same time.  It seems especially appropriate now that Fall has set in.  Isn't it funny how music makes you think of different seasons? Or maybe it's me. :)

My next favorite is one I've listened to for years.  I've listened to it so much that I'm surprised the CD isn't just worn out.  It's the soundtrack from "Pride and Prejudice".

You're going to see a trend here with the next choice.  This is another new find that I've been playing over and over again.  It's the soundtrack from "Becoming Jane".

The interesting thing about two of these choices is that I've never seen the movie's "Little Women" or "Becoming Jane".  I don't know if I ever will, but the music has become very special to me.

An artist that I really enjoy is Joshua Bell.  He is a violinist that plays with such feeling, you can't help but feel the music deeply when you listen to it.  I listen to a lot of his music, but a favorite right now is "Romance of the Violin".  You'll recognize many of the selections on this CD, but he plays them so beautifully, it will be like hearing them fresh and for the first time.

I do listen to other types of music and enjoy a lot of type of music.  Christian music is important to me and I have a lot of favorites in that genre, too.  That, however, is for another post.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my favorite music and I would love to know what some of your favorites are.  Leave me a comment sharing your favorites!

Blessing - Julie

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