Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ups and Downs

It's been a good week and a stressful week at the same time.  As I shared yesterday, my husband and I celebrated 30 years of marriage.  My sweet husband got me something so amazing and I was so blessed by his thoughtfulness.  Here's what he got me

I am so thrilled with this.  I had been wanting an ebook reader for a long time.  When the new color Nook came out this year, I was smitten. Not only could I read my books on it, I could also get my magazines on it (in color!) and listen to music as well as other wonderful things.  I have been enjoying it so much! Our library has ebooks that you can check out and download immediately, so I've been having a great time reading.  I also downloaded some free books from Barnes and Noble and one of them was "Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes" by Conan Doyle.  What a wonderful book! I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan and have been since I was a young girl and saw my first black and white film of Sherlock Holmes with Basil Rathbone on TV.  Anyway, I really love this little piece of technology and so blessed by my husband's thoughtfulness.

The hard part of this week has been the fact that my husband had a stress test and they found an area in the bottom of his heart where it's not getting any circulation.  They think he has a blockage and will be doing a dye test tomorrow.  If there is a blockage, they will, hopefully, be able to open it up with a stent.  My husband had open heart surgery 4 years ago and I don't want to have to see him go through that again.  I'm praying that they are able to fix this problem easily and for the Lord's healing touch to be on on him.

I will, of course, be going with him to the hospital for this procedure and am praying that the Lord will lift my pain so I won't have any problems and can be fully there for my husband.  I am blessed that I have my sister and sweet friends who are praying for my husband.  Prayer truly does change things.

If the hospital has wi-fi, I will update on twitter how my hubby is doing so be sure and follow me there (you can find the link on the sidebar).  If not, I will update here and on twitter and facebook how he is doing. 

God bless you - Julie


  1. Praying for your husband's procedure and your pain level.

    Enjoy your Nook :) My oldest dd has a Kindle and she loves it, too.

  2. Praying for your hubby.. keep me updated.. My e mail has changed to, for now. We will be back up your way for more heart tests for my hubby in November.

  3. I will be praying. What is your Facebook name?

  4. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter under More Of Him Blog. If you just click on the buttons on my sidebar, it will take you to the right page. Thanks!

  5. Love my Nook, although not color. :-) I hope all goes well for your husband's test.


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