Saturday, November 5, 2011

This and That

It's perfect reading weather today.  It's been cold and blustery and we've turned the heater on.  I love to sit and read, do needlework or crochet when it's like this outside.  I think it brings back good memories of sitting in my living room with my Mother as a child and embroidering pillow cases.  I can remember looking out the big window at the giant snowflakes falling down and feeling so blessed to be warm and cozy inside doing something I love with my Mother.  Such sweet memories!

Yesterday was spent getting an x-ray on my ankle.  It's been bothering me more and more and, while I'm sure it's my arthritis, my doctor thought it wise to get an x-ray to be sure.  My son also had an MRI on his back to see what is happening as he's still experiencing pain and it's gotten worse in that he has pain down both legs now instead of just one.  We will be seeing a Neurosurgeon next to see what he advises.

Today was spent designing a logo for my son's Fire Academy class.  They are going to have shirts, shorts, hats and hoodies made with the logo.  I was very touched that he asked me to do this for him and I think he was pleased with the final design.  I haven't designed anything for quite a while and it was so nice to get the sketch book out again and be creative!

It dawned on me today that Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away! It's so hard to believe that the holiday's are upon us. 

I have been having my hot pots of tea using my beautiful teapot cozy that my friend gave me last year for my birthday. 

There's just something so wonderful about a hot cup of tea when it's this cold out.  I have been so blessed by this gorgeous teapot cozy and it keeps my tea amazingly hot. Isn't it wonderful when you get a gift that blesses you continually?

Have a very blessed weekend and stay warm!

God bless you - Julie

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