Friday, December 23, 2011

Book Review - The Christian Writers Market Guide 2012

The Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2012: Your Comprehensive Resource for Getting Published is a wonderful  resource! It has everything you could ever need to know about publishers - book and periodicals.  Being that it is written by Jerry Jenkins, of the Left Behind series, the information contained inside is concise, easy to read and just plain great! 

The thing I really appreciated are the beginning paragraphs of each chapter.He explains things so well and makes it easy to understand, even for the beginner. There is also a "How to Use This Book" area that helps you understand how to use the Writers Guide.  

This book will tell you which publishers handle which markets, how they want to be contacted, what they want you to send them and where to contact them, including mailing and email addresses.   It has a topical listing so that you can find your genre which makes it easy for you to find who you're looking for.  It also has information for Specialty Markets - like the gift industry. 

The book also lists Christian Writers Conferences and Workshops, fellowship /critique groups by state so you can find what you are looking for. Everything is easy to read, is loaded with information and will help the writer find where they can send their work.  I absolutely think this is a MUST HAVE for anyone that wants to be a Christian writer or already is.  I can't say enough good about this wonderful book!!

*This book was provided to me by Tyndale Publishing for my honest review.


  1. Thanks...I don't know if I will ever write anything but I have been interested

    Merry Christmas

  2. I also reviewed this book and found it really helpful. Hugs and have a great weekend! :O)


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