Sunday, December 4, 2011

Book Review - Stuck DVD Bible Study

Stuck by Jennie Allen

This Bible study includes the DVD, leader book, workbook, and conversation cards.  I really liked the short, but thought provoking, videos that Jennie had for each weeks study.  Her thoughtful words really got to the heart and helped me to focus on the Lord and his love for me.

This study is for anyone who feels disconnected (and don't we all sometimes?) and like we're not "good enough".  She helps us to find those areas of our lives where we feel disconnected or stuck and to help us feel better about ourselves through our relationship with Jesus Christ. 

I love the conversation cards.  As a Bible study leader, these are wonderful to help start the conversation and to help get every woman at the study involved.  The cards have questions like, "How has truth set you free?" and "Where do you try to find comfort when you feel down?"  I love these questions because they help us really think about things and how we relate to our lives. 

The entire Bible study points to the fact that the Lord is our provider and helps us to really personalize our relationship with our Lord.

I love this Bible study and would highly recommend it.  This is one of those studies that could be done over and over through the years to help us get un-stuck in our lives and grow closer to Jesus.


This Bible study was provided to me for my honest review by the Book Sneeze program of Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Blessings - Julie

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