Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Counting Our Blessings

Keeping our eyes on the blessings of God, keeps us grounded in what is important. I love sharing my blessings every week, and I hope you'll share yours, too.

21.  Today is my husband's last radiation treatment! I am so thankful that he's done. He was starting to have more issues with it and side effects that are painful. Now that this is his last treatment, I'm praying that these painful issues will subside quickly. It's hard to see him having such a hard time.

22.  My last Bible study was last Wednesday and, while having it end was sad, it was such a wonderful blessing to be there for the study. I learned so much, met new friends, and was blessed beyond measure in so many ways. We had a potluck for the last study and let me tell you - those women know how to cook! Oh, my. Such fun and great fellowship.

23.  I'm thankful for a peaceful weekend. Hubby wasn't feeling good at all, so we stayed home, watched TV, read, listened to music and just enjoyed our time together. He slept a lot and it was much needed for his body.

24.  We've been enjoying such wonderful weather and we were able to get our patio ready for summer. We don't have everything done, but it's started and that's a huge accomplishment. After the pain filled year I had last year, the patio never got done because I'm the one that really enjoys it. It felt like such a blessing to be able to do what I did.

25.  I'm thankful to God for opening my eyes to new things and new ideas. He is helping me to see that I have a purpose in this life and is giving me the confidence to do those things. I still struggle with seeing that He would use me, but I'm slowly starting to accept it and am actually excited about my future!

Please share you own blessings! Grab a button on the sidebar, link up with my linky below this post and count your own blessings.  As always, thank you for coming by to see me and I'm so thankful for the many comments and emails I receive.  You are all a huge blessing!


  1. So glad that your husband is through with radiation.

  2. Rejoicing with you, Julie. My heart soared when I read that you are excited for your future again. This is a blessing to me. I'm praying for your husband's health.


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