Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Counting Our Blessings

I hope you enjoyed the special Mother's Day postings last week. I hope they blessed you as much as they did me. I always love sharing beautiful writings when I can.

Now we're back to Counting Our Blessings! I love counting my blessings and I hope you will sit down and count your own.  Be sure and share them on the linky below!

26.  I was so blessed by my Mother's Day! My family gave me beautiful cards that made me cry with their sweet sentiments inside and the special personal writings from each person. Such treasures that I will keep forever! I also got a very special gift from my husband. I had been wanting to change the decor in my living room for awhile now. The room is painted a beautiful, soft blue and I thought it would be nice to change it to more of a beach decor. Make it softer and relaxing. So, my husband gave me a beautiful table-top fountain that looks like shells stacked on each other. You can see it HERE  I will plan everything around this piece and it will be so relaxing to hear the water flowing. Such a thoughtful gift and such a blessing!

27.  I was blessed with a day where I felt so good! I went out to my studio and painted that day and then came in and cooked BBQ chicken wings for my family. This is a huge undertaking as I fry the wings and then make the homemade sauce to dip them in. It takes me over three hours to fry those babies up, but let me tell you, it's worth it when I see the happy looks on my family's faces when they take that first bite. I also made homemade potato salad that day, too, and everyone really enjoyed it. I was so blessed to be able to do this and to have a day where I felt so good. God is SO good with his tender mercies!

28.  I have been blessed for three years to have the best doctor ever. Truly, he has been the best doctor I've ever had. Recently, however, he decided to move back to his home state and will be leaving our area. I was sad to hear this news, but totally understand that he and his wife want to be closer to their family. Thankfully, there is another doctor in his office that we like and will take us as patients. I am just thankful that we had such a wonderful, Godly doctor and that he blessed our life so much with his care, concern, and expertise of our health care.

29.  It's a blessing that my children are done with their Spring semester of school. They had such a huge workload this semester and really needed a break. They both got A's in all their classes, too! I'm so thankful that they can take some time to recoup and recover before starting their next session of classes!

30.  I was so blessed by my Pastor's message this past Sunday! It was almost as if he had written his sermon just for me! It's funny how God works these things out, isn't it? I always love learning new things about God's Word and am so blessed to be a member of a church that believes the whole Word of God and takes it literally. I was also blessed by the gift that I was given for Mother's Day by my church. A gorgeous truffle from a local candy company that makes the best candy! I still haven't had it and am saving it for a day when I really want a special piece of chocolate. lol

How have you been blessed this week?  Please share on the linky below! I would love to read about your blessings!!

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