Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!

How have you been blessed this week? Our lives are full of blessings - big and small. Keep your eyes on your blessings and especially THE ONE from whom all blessings flow.  Here's my week of blessings.

46.  Rain! We finally got some moisture in our very dry area and it was so nice to smell the rain and see the land get nourished again. We've been getting little showers most every day and, although I don't care for the humidity, I'm thankful to see the land around us greening up again.

47.  We had a blessing this last week that was so amazing. We hadn't expected it and were actually worried because we didn't think it would happen, but God being God, he made it happen and we are so thankful to Him!

48.  We went to a couple of our favorite thrift stores the other day (I over-did it, but that's another story for another day. lol) and my husband called me over because he found the most beautiful La-Z-Boy chair for me! It's just perfect and actually looks brand new! It's maroon, which goes beautifully with my home and it's so comfy! My hubby even got them to take $10.00 less, so what a blessing!

49.  The other blessing from the other thrift store was a beautiful quilt and pillow shams for my bed. I like to sleep with a quilt - it's not too hot or too cold and the one I've been using is seeing some wear. I was standing near the doors where they bring things out from the back and this quilt caught my eye. No tears or stains and so cute! I grabbed it! Then to bless me even more, the girl working comes up to me in a little bit and says, "Here are the shams that go with the quilt. Would you like them?" Woohoo! Totally blessed again and all for $14.99!

50.  I had a phone call on Thursday evening about 5:00 pm and it was the receptionist from the doctor that I've been trying to get into see for months. They had a cancellation for the next morning and did I want to come in? Yay! This is an orthopedic doctor for my foot that drives me nuts because it always, always hurts. My foot got broken a few years back and my doctor at the time did nothing about it. I continued to walk on it and, since it didn't heal right, I have massive amounts of arthritis in the foot. He is going to have me get a shot and see if that helps and then we'll go from there. He was a very nice doctor and I'm so blessed that I got to see him.

It's your turn to share your blessings. Grab a button from the sidebar and then link back up here with me!!

God bless you - Julie


  1. Sweet blessings. Praying for your foot, take care.

  2. Thanks for hosting a link up! I just found your blog today. Since your topic is gratitude, I did an old post about perhaps my greatest blessing... the mother I'll never meet who birthed my daughter. Thanks for keeping us focused on our blessings!

  3. I have so much to be thankful for! Today it's for God's word, which has the power to heal and restore relationships. It gave my husband and me great strength and comfort during a fiery trial in our marriage.


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