Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!!

It's been a good week of many blessings for me. Don't you know, though, that the enemy always has to throw a monkey wrench into our blessings and create drama just when you're excited about doing things for the Lord? Yesterday was a rather depressing day of receiving some rather cruel comments from someone. Now, it wasn't a total shock - I had been expecting it - but it's like I always say: Until they tell you to your face, you're not really sure. I was told to my face! However, God is good and He is in control and I have chosen to put this situation in His hands and also withdraw from the sitation and person involved. Sometimes we have to do that for our own sanity and Spiritual well-being.

Now on to the blessings!

56. My greatest blessing and my most exciting news is that I'm going to be leading a Bible study at my church again! If you remember, I had to give up leading after my back got hurt and I was devastated. I love my group of ladies so much and it's such an honor and priviledge to lead. I always learn so much for the wonderful women and I can't wait to get started again!

57.  God has brought me so far! If you remember, when I got these herniated discs, my doctors were not very hopeful that I would ever be to the point where my pain didn't disable me. There was talk of using a scooter to get around and never being able to sleep in a bed again. God has healed me enough that I not only can walk (with the help of a cane usually) but I am actually sleeping in bed again. I praise the Lord on a daily basis for the blessings and healings He has done in my life! Yes, I have pain, but it's not the dibilitating pain that not even meds could touch. God is SO good!

58.  I am making plans to have friends over! This has been a dream of mine for the past 2 years and I'm actually seeing that it's going to happen! I have a friend and her son coming over for lunch, hopefully, next week; and I've planned to have a craft day with a couple different friends. Again, my cup over-floweth. Blessings just pour from my Lord over me like a balm.

59.  I'm blessed by the fact that I've actually got my book down to the last editing and I'm now putting it all together and adding art and illustrations to it. I'm actually to the realization that the book will be in two volumes because there's so much, it really needs to be broken down that way. Remember when I talked about doing the things God calls me to do? I'm stepping out and just doing it! My book is a huge part of that obedience to God.

60.  I'm so thankful for my dear friend, Jodi. God truly brought us together and she is such a fun friend! We giggle and laugh but more importantly, I can share my heart with her and she understands and keeps these things to herself. What can be more of a blessing than a friend who accepts you as you are and loves you anyway? What a blessing to be able to share with each other and know that we will pray for each other and that our confidences are kept just that - confident. I'm so incrediblyl blessed by Jodi.

I hope that you will share your blessings now. Just grab a button from the side bar and link below using the linky. It's that simple. You will be blessing me and others by sharing all that God has done for you.

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