Monday, June 3, 2013

Book Review - Experiencing God At Home



Amidst society's rapid secularization and increasingly ani-Christian stance, there are plenty of parents who sincerely want to raise their children to love and serve God and to experience God's blessing upon their lives.

Still, the statistics are sobering. Rising divorce rates, the bullying epidemic, multiplying online distractions, and dangerous cyber addictions have our kids facing temptations and pressure we never imagined at their age. 

The challenges are many but solutions are available.  In fact, the Bible has shown us that the darker things get, the more determined God is to use Christian families as lights on a hill. God is just as interested in working through your family today to extend His kingdom as He was with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Mary and Joseph.

Experiencing God at Home gives you the tools that will help your family be God-centered, God-directed, and God-blessed despite a world increasingly secular. Ask God to open your heart as you open your home to His guidance and blessings.


This is a book every parent (or grand-parent raising their grandchildren) should have and read! It is a wonderful, Biblical guide book for raising our children in a godly manner.

The book starts with statistics that are quite sobering. Divorce rates, bullying, addiction are just some of the things facing parents today. Our children are being bombarded by the world from every direction!

Each chapter in this book is full of vital information for helping direct our children in a godly manner. I really enjoyed how the authors of this book shared personal stories of their own growing up years. They share stories of how their father, Henry Blackaby, and their mother showed them Jesus by their actions and deeds. I also love how they share stories from their own families - there's something encouraging about authors who are real and honest about their lives, but give us hope through the Lord.

There are practical steps and insights in this book to help us all be better parents and to show the Lord to our own children. I also thought the "Questions for Reflection/Discussion" at the end of each chapter was really good as it helps us to sit down and really evaluate our parenting and home life. 

This book is filled with Biblical principles that will help you to guide your family into a closer relationship with the Lord. I highly, highly recommend this book! Your family will be so blessed by the actions you'll take as you read this wonderful book!

*This book was provided to me for my honest review by *Shelton Interactive 


God bless you - Julie

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  1. thanks for your kind words on our books. Our desire is that families will be encouraged and given practical ideas on how to created and sustain a God-centered home - in a fun way! Tom Blackaby


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