Monday, July 15, 2013

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up!

Tuesday is our time to stop for the week and count our blessings. I love this day as it really does help me to keep focused on my blessings and the holiness and goodness of God! Life can be difficult, but it's made so much better and easier when we stop and thank Him!

116. I'm so thankful for the blessing of spending time with my friend, Carol. She was in my Bible study this year and we just instantly clicked! We have made the effort to stay in touch and I'm so glad! We chatted and prayed together and it was just a blessed time.

117. It was a week filled with exhaustion and not a lot done. However, I did get my cross stitch scissor holder stitched. Here's a picture of it ...

The row of large cross stitches in the middle will actually be at the bottom and the row of flowers is the back of the scissor holder. The basket of flowers the front. I hope I'm making sense. In any case, it was a blessing to finish the stitching and now I just need to do the finish and I'll be done. I love the colors and I know I'll love the project when it's done.

118. I also did a wee bit of crocheting. I have decided to make a granny square afghan. I haven't made granny squares since they were popular in the early 70's and I'm enjoying these a lot. I'm going to make a blanket for my bed, actually. Here's some pictures of my done squares...

Such fun and bright colors! I got this yarn at a yard sale and it's just so soft and easy to work with. I have enough to make a really nice sized blanket. What a blessing to be able to sit and do this work and make something for my home. 

119.  I was blessed with being able to get into the doctor that will be doing my sleep study. I called on Friday and they made an appointment for Monday! I will be having a sleep study as he thinks I have severe sleep apnea. The soonest they could get me in, though, was August 20th! It was still a blessing to finally be, hopefully, getting to the bottom of this horrible exhaustion and other symptoms I'm having. It was eye opening and I'm so blessed to have a primary care doctor that really cares about me and got me going in the right direction.

120. Monday afternoon, I was blessed by getting to have coffee with my dear friend, Jodi. I haven't seen her in person for months and I just can't tell you how wonderful it was to sit and chat with her! We were there for 4 hours and could have talked more if it wasn't getting late and we both needed to get home and fix dinner. lol Good friends are such a blessing and I was doubly blessed this week by getting to meet with two of my dear friends!

Now it's your turn! Have you counted your blessing? Link up and share what's been happening in your world this week! Please grab my button on the sidebar and share on your blog, too. Thanks so much!

Blessings - Julie


  1. The cross stitch looks beautiful Julie. I am so happy for you that you met up with your friends. And jealous!

  2. I enjoyed viewing your week through your thankful heart and pictures. Thanks for hosting the linkup today!! Have a wonderful week, and maybe you could stop over for WholeHearted Wednesdays and grow your reach? I will spread the news for your linkup party too!!


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