Monday, August 26, 2013

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up

It's been a week of ups and downs and I've really had to make the decision to focus on my blessings. Sometimes it's easier and sometimes, it's not, right? God is always good, though, and it's a matter on my focusing on Him and not myself. A different perspective. So, let's get started...

148. My sleep study did not go as I had hoped. I was pretty down the day after, but then I remembered that God is in control and that I only have to trust in Him. What a blessing that I can turn to God, knowing that He cares and will take care of me. 

149. I finished up my family room! What a total blessing. We have been really enjoying sitting in there and just relaxing. It's really given us all a new attitude. 

It's such a blessing to have our home coming together.

150. I have now started on the living room. It's a lot of work to go through things and get rid of those things we don't use, but it's also such a relief! I always donate my things to thrift stores so that others can use them. I've been blessed in this way, and hopefully, I bless others with my things I don't need anymore. Here's a picture of how things started out in the living room

It already looks better than this by far, but I'll wait and share the big reveal when I'm done. I am so blessed to have a home I love and that I can pull together to benefit my family the most. 

151. My son's best friend came for a visit. He is like my other son and we have all missed him so much. My son has been friends with him since 2nd grade and they have always had so much fun together. He's a great guy and I'm so glad I got to see him, if only for a really short time. He's in the Marines now and is a trumpet player in the Marine Band! He has played all over, including for the President, and I'm so proud of him. Here's a picture of my son and him from this visit

I really miss seeing him around the house all the time....He's such a blessing to our family and I'm so glad I got to see him!

What are your blessings this week? Just link up at the end of the post to share! You can grab my button from the "Grab My Buttons" page. It always blesses me to see your links!

Blessings - Julie


  1. I love hearing the Blessings God brings in our lives!! Thanks for sharing these. Coming over from Time Warp wife link-up. Come on over and share this post on my link-up will be a great encouragement to my readers.

  2. Hi Julie! I am blessed that my ulcers are making an improvement. It is minimal, but it is there. My husband has been a HUGE blessing to me in this. He helps with everything. Picking up dog poop, buying dinners for all of them, doing dishes. I am so thankful. I am also blessed to have friends that pray for me. Like you!

  3. So glad you are getting things done. You will get your house in order in no time...Christine


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