Monday, August 12, 2013

Purging & Organizing & Letting It All Hang Out

I'm still working on my home - yes, I am! What a slow process!! However, I'm seeing progress. I decided to take pictures as I went along, to not only prove to myself that things are moving along, but to share with you all. This is where the "letting it all hang out" part comes in! 

This is how my family room looked on Saturday. I'm showing you the really horrible parts, first. Please notice the fan on the recliner! lol

This is another picture of the same area, plus you can see the next room over which is also a mess! We actually moved things between 3 rooms and these are the rooms I have left to finish.

What a mess!! It actually looked worse than this a couple days before this. Even my poor Sammy looks confused by all this mess! The curtain is even hanging crooked! (I'm going to be pulling those down and washing them).

One thing I am doing is purging and organizing as I go along. I don't want to put all this junk away that I don't want, so I'm going through it as I go.

This is how things were looking on Sunday. I didn't do a whole lot yesterday, but I did manage to go through a bunch of stuff and get some things put away.

One great thing I did was to get my tea cart put where I've always wanted to have it. I love this tea cart. I found it at a thrift store a few years back and fell in love with it. It's from the 50's and was looking rather shabby. I spray painted it gold and I just love it! I also have my beautiful tea set on the top. It's so nice to have one thing completed and done, even if it is just a tea cart! :)

I really am seeing progress. I know it just looks like a mess here, but truly, it was worse. I'm just taking it one day at a time and working as much as I can and it will get done! Thanks for letting me share my mess with you!

God bless you - Julie

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  1. You really are doing amazing..It so reminds me of my house and the changes that are taking place here also..step by step, bit by bit!~ Love ya girl!~


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