Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sunday Thoughts

Happy Sunday, my friends!

It's been a cold, rainy few days here. Perfect for staying inside and reading and working about the house in preparation for Thanksgiving. It's also been perfect for me to work in my journal - working through things that I know the Lord wants me to work through. It's been really good for me and I'm finding that I love working in my journal. As I put behind me those things that should have been left behind long ago, it's growing me closer to the Lord. It's softening my heart and allowing Him to work His work in me.

The front of my journal 

As I leave behind those things that need to be left behind - the feelings of rejection, the lies I've believed - the bad feelings - God is freeing me! It's a blessing that God allows us to bring all our concerns before Him. 

Through Jesus Christ - we are free indeed!

My son and I had to go to our pain management doctor last week and, on the way home, we stopped at the library because I had something on hold to pick up. Our library has a wonderful little shop inside it where they sell books and other things that others have donated. It's a wonderful way for them to raise money for the library and I've found some great things there. I saw this and I kept looking at it and looking at it...

Isn't it adorable? How could I possibly pass it up? I used some of my birthday money and bought it. It has four books in it by Donna VanLiere plus this adorable little coffee mug

I have never seen a bag like this and it will be perfect to carry for the winter months. It reminds me of a muff I had as a child. It was white fur and had two, fur pom-poms hanging down the front of it. I loved that muff! Maybe that's why I fell in love with this it's so girly-girly. LOL

God loves you and He cares about everything that you're going through. Give it all to Him...He can handle it!

God bless you - Julie

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