Friday, June 6, 2014


Dear Friends,

I went to see my wonderful doctor today that created the bypass in my leg and, in my opinion, saved my life, about the abscess that they saw during an ultra sound last week. He did another ultra sound himself and said that I had a long pocket of fluid that is right up against the bypass and that he was concerned that it could wrap around the bypass and cut the blood flow off. He was also concerned that the tissue under those wounds is not healthy and needs to be removed. 

So, I am writing you this from my hospital bed and am scheduled to have surgery at 7:00 am (about 5 hours from now). I am at peace about all this as I know I have one of the best surgeons in this country and he knows what he's doing. Not only that, I'm hopeful that with this surgery, my leg will finally be given the help it needs to heal. 

Please keep me in your prayers...for my doctors wisdom, steady hands, for protection of my bypass and for comfort for my family and friends as they are naturally worried about this. Also, please pray that I would glorify God I all I do and that I would shine His light here at the hospital and always. 

I am praising Him because He truly has had his hand on me and this is really His doing - getting me back to my vascular surgeon again and getting the help I need for healing. I am praising God for his healing hand on me and for His peace that surpasses all understanding. Glory to God!

Blessings - Julie 


  1. Lifting you way up in my prayers sweet friend. Asking God to surround the operating room with angels. May peace, and healing be yours. I love you.


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