Monday, October 6, 2014

Counting Our Blessings - Link Up

I didn't realize it until just now but this is my 101st post of Counting Our Blessings Tuesday! Wow! It just proves what I've said all along - we are all so blessed and we just need to stop and reflect on all those blessings. I hope you've had a good week but, if not, I hope this will help you to sit and think about the blessings that you did have and that it will lift your spirits!

74. Our cool, crisp days and nights have been such a blessing! I have been sleeping so much better now that it's cooler. It's actually almost cold by morning (for some it probably is cold but not me) and I'm loving it! To be able to sleep better and have a quilt covering me again is a blessing I enjoy!

75.  I'm starting to see some healing in the wound on my calf!! It's in a funny spot on my calf in that I never can truly see the wound straight on. It's always appeared to just be a big hole to me (sorry for the graphic description) but the other day, my nurse took the bandages off and I saw new skin! I can't tell you how my heart leap for joy that I, myself, could see healing!! Huge, huge blessing!

76.  I have been doing writing more consistently. I have so many things that I want to write about but have actually always been a bit afraid of taking that leap, but I have just finished reading a book called, "Let's All Be Brave" and it has given me the confidence to go for it! It may never be published but I love to write and I have to take that first step for me. By the way, I'm giving a copy of this book away on Saturday, October 11th, so be sure and enter the giveaway HERE. That book ended up blessings me so much as well as actually sitting and writing!

77. I am doing a Bible study with my sister online that her church is doing. It's so exciting to do this with my sister! We don't live in the same city so we've never been able to participate in a Bible study before together. She told me about this and I was all in! I'm loving this study, although it's been very convicting! Here's the study we're doing

This is an excellent study and the group has also encouraged memorization of scripture through the ScriptureTyper website, which I have done, and it's been so helpful! I have actually memorized the first two Scriptures. I highly recommend this website/app as it really makes it easier to memorize Scripture. The greatest blessing of all of this, though, has been to do it with my sister and discuss it with her.

78. Now for that sweet, little thing that just blesses me beyond measure every day! Mitzi is growing by leaps and bounds and I took some pictures of her today to show you how she has grown. She's just a bundle of energy and so smart! Her personality is really coming into play and she's just a little cuddle bug, too, which I love. She's the sweetest little girl!

Isn't she the cutest thing? What a blessing she has been to me in so many ways!

Now it's your turn...please share your own blessings on the link up button or share them in the comments. If you do link up, I would be so grateful if you'd grab a button to share that you have been here!

Blessings - Julie


  1. I am so very glad to read of your healing progress Julie. Praise God. Mitzi is so precious. How old and big is she now?

  2. I am so glad that you are healing, Julie.

    Your puppy is the cuttest!! That is the kind of dog I would like, I think. I am not totally sure.

    Sorry that I am so late in stopping by. I am steadily catching up after being away for 5 weeks.


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