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Book Review - Becoming Bea


Can Bea and Ben Turn Rivalry Into Romance?

Beatrice Zook knows God wants her to learn patience toward others. When assisting a family overwhelmed by triplets proves surprisingly successful, her confidence in dealing with others, both young and old, grows.

One person she'll never be able to find peace with though is Ben Rupp. They've known each other forever, and Ben understands precisely how to antagonize her. What neither she nor Ben will admit is that beneath all their bickering, attraction awaits. When friends decide to try and bring the couple together, will the pair be able to find true love? Or will they damage their relationship beyond repair


Leslie Gould is the coauthor, with Mindy Starns Clark, of the #1 CBA bestseller The Amish Midwife, a 2012 Christy Award winner; ECPA bestseller Courting Cate, first in the Courtships of Lancaster County series; and Beyond the Blue, winner of the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice for Best Inspirational Novel, 2006. She holds an MFA in creative writing from Portland State University and has taught fiction writing at Multnomah University as an adjunct professor. She and her familyl live in Portland, Oregon.
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This is another wonderful book in the "Courtships of Lancaster County" series. I love that it stands alone with no confusion as to what is going on. I enjoy Leslie Gould's Amish books because they are so pleasant to read.

I really related to Bea. She is misunderstood by her family and her friends. She naturally an introvert who shares her feelings in her journal and loves old books. She has an older sister that is forever telling her what to do and deciding her life for her. When her sister decides that they should take a trip to Montana to see her husband's parents, Bea finally puts her foot down by finding a job that will keep her in Lancaster County.  As much as she doesn't really want to take care of babies, she agrees to help Nan and Bob with their new triplets as it will give her the job she needs and provide her an excuse to stay.

I really like how Bea grows in her new job. Not only does she make a new friend in Hope, who is also working with her, but she starts to reach out to others her age. She also starts to realize how she is able to take control of situations and get things done without anyone having to tell her. 
Ben is also working with Bob in  his cabinet shop and he's a childhood friend of Bea's. They seem to clash at every turn as they have always been very competitive with one another. Ben had courted Bea a year before, but he stopped and she didn't know why. Now there is more animosity on her part because of this. Don is also working with Ben and he is interested in Bea, too. Her world has opened up because of this job.

I really like how Bea comes into her own. She is honest about her short-comings and tries to change when she realizes that others see her as judgmental and critical. She really grows as she takes care of the triplets and the household. She learns a lot about herself and I love her confidence as she grows. She also talks to God a lot and confesses her sins. He is a huge part of her life and I love how she shares lives her faith.

This is an excellent Amish novel. If you enjoy Amish fiction, or even if you don't, I can highly recommend this book. I had a very hard time putting the book down and really enjoyed the characters in the book. They were well thought out and had many facets to their personality. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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Blessings - Julie

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